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Recent content by Bokanovsky

  1. Bokanovsky

    Trust and keys

    Her asking for keys after knowing you for less than a year is a red flag. In fact, there is no good reason why any girlfriend who does not live with you shoulda have keys to your home.
  2. Bokanovsky

    “I loved my ex boyfriend more than I love my husband”

    So are you saying that every beef injection increases a woman's level of charisma?? I don't think so. Besides, high-level charisma is not the quality you want in a long-term GF or wife. The flip side of charisma is manipulation.
  3. Bokanovsky

    Simp drives thousands of miles to do a 6 a favour.

    Women outside of reproductive age don't even count. Whales and other bottom tier women are the 1's and 2's. To me, 6 is someone who is slightly above average (with 5 being average).
  4. Bokanovsky

    Simp drives thousands of miles to do a 6 a favour.

    If it was a typical thing, it wouldn't have made the news. I think it's possible that he did this for truly selfless reasons, but the odds are low. Whenever you read stories like this about someone helping a stranger, it's always a guy helping a girl, not a guy helping another guy or a girl...
  5. Bokanovsky

    Simp drives thousands of miles to do a 6 a favour.

    If the OP thinks that the girl in the pic is a 6, he must be just a thirsty as the taxi driver...lol. A true "6" must be bangable after 2-3 beers max. There's no way the girl in the pic passes that test.
  6. Bokanovsky

    “I loved my ex boyfriend more than I love my husband”

    Agreed. Also, you can't choose how you feel. This truism applies to both men and women to a degree, but it's more manifest in women because they are more emotional to begin with. If an ex has left such a strong impression on her that she can't move on, she is essentially damaged goods, and...
  7. Bokanovsky

    Prince Harry

    Ostensibly, Harry is about as "alpha" as it gets: money, social status, fame, relatively good looks, ex-fighter pilot. But deep down, he is a confused beta raised by a BPD single mom.
  8. Bokanovsky

    What's your biggest lesson

    Fvcking hot women doesn't feel like a particularly great accomplishment once you've done it a few times. As a side lesson from this, the surest way to tell that a guy doesn't get laid is if he's constantly talking about how much he gets laid.
  9. Bokanovsky

    Easiest way to tell if a city, country or culture sucks for dating.

    It's not just Australia that's like that. UK, Canada and USA are very similar in that regard. All of those countries are culturally similar, which is not a coincidence.
  10. Bokanovsky

    Does "Chad" actually have a very limited market?

    Maybe it depends on where you live, but from that I see, good looking non-fob asian girls (and most asian girls are NOT good looking to me) tend to go for white guys. Women are sheep. They are attracted to what pop culture deems attractive.
  11. Bokanovsky

    Gun ownership

    I really don't understand this mentality. A gun is just an object. It's not going to harm anyone unless you deliberately use it for that purpose or unless you are negligent. But negligence is also a risk with many other activities, such as driving a car. Anytime you get behind the wheel, you...
  12. Bokanovsky

    Gun ownership

    They did a study a while back and found that a man's attitude towards gun ownership was correlated to that same man's attitude towards sleeping with another man's wife. Those who were more accepting of the idea of sleeping with another man's wife, were less accepting of the idea of gun...
  13. Bokanovsky

    Gun ownership

    I don't know if this is supposed to be sarcasm, but on the odd chance it's not, this is surely a recipe for ending up dead.
  14. Bokanovsky

    would you sleep with woman infected with covid if you were desperate

    Would you sleep with a woman that had ebola if she was a 10 and you were desperate?