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Recent content by Bokanovsky

  1. Bokanovsky

    What do the men here think about gals from trailer parks?

    The irony is that many of these mid- and high-rise condos are smaller and less habitable than a trailer home...
  2. Bokanovsky

    Are men bailing on dating?

    If you're a reasonably attractive guy living in major metropolitan area and you're on bumble or tinder, chances are you get more matches than you know what to do with. This leads to men becoming flaky and blowing women off. It's like the roles have been reversed.
  3. Bokanovsky

    More evidence of Chaos Theory

    On a fundamental level, any deviation from traditional standards of attraction is typically a sign of underlying psychological issues (i.e. having her heart broken repeatedly by good-looking guys). I don't know if such women are "agents of chaos" or simply dysfunctional, broken individuals.
  4. Bokanovsky

    Check this clip from an 80s club and answer 3 questions

    Yes. It made many behaviours that were previously frowned upon more socially acceptable.
  5. Bokanovsky

    Check this clip from an 80s club and answer 3 questions

    If you really try to distill the differences between the pop culture of today and the pop culture of the 80's (and earlier decades), you will end up with two words: "hip hop". Every single negative cultural trend since the 80's can be attributed to hip hop. As someone who was a teenager in the...
  6. Bokanovsky

    So I Caught the COVID. Do I Quit my High Risk Job?

    While I'm not anti-vaccine, I also think it's a mistake to uncritically listen to the advice of health professionals. They often have their own agenda. A perfect example of this is public health "experts" like Dr. Fauci and his counterparts in other countries discouraging people from wearing...
  7. Bokanovsky

    Borat 2 trailer...

    It looks like he's only going after politically correct targets this time (i.e. Republicans and Trump supporters). He will not dare to joke about BLM, LGBTQ and other sacred cows.
  8. Bokanovsky

    Fuxked it up with the 'one'

    It’s sad that you need validation from exes but your problem goes beyond that. Why on earth would you text other girls while in bed with you GF? That’s just utter stupidity.
  9. Bokanovsky

    Borat 2 trailer...

    The first movie was funny. The new one looks kind of lame.
  10. Bokanovsky

    Does any of you lives or lived in the american suburbs?

    There are a number of pros to living in the suburbs. You live in a detached house, with a private garage and a backyard ("the American dream"). You have lower crime rates, safer schools for the kids, and less diversity (although many people these days like to pretend that the latter is not a...
  11. Bokanovsky

    3-some Trend

    Don't get too hung up on labels. Regardless of whether it's technically "cuckery", it is not natural for a man to be cool with sharing his mate. Period. End of story.
  12. Bokanovsky

    Chicks expect fancy dates and how do I stop that?

    Branding is everything. If you pick your date up in an AMG while dressed in a suit, hell yeah, she's going to expect that you take her to some trendy restaurant or lounge. Never mind that your AMG could be ten years old (most women couldn't tell the difference between a 2010 and a 2020) and that...
  13. Bokanovsky

    Patriarchy Revival 2 - We are in control

    There are many female incels too. Now, they don't call themselves 'incels' and they don't become mass shooters but there is no shortage of women who basically abstain from relationship and sex (or, at least, regular sex). These women re not necessarily ugly or inherently undesirable. They tend...
  14. Bokanovsky

    3-some Trend

    Just because he's "built" and has a nine inch **** (I assume you know the the precise measurement from personal experience) does not mean that he's an alpha. In fact, he could very well be gay. No mentally healthy heterosexual man would have a threesome that involves his GF/wife and another...
  15. Bokanovsky

    Harry Prince Saveaho

    Given his upbringing, it's no surprise that the man is a mess. His father didn't give a sh!t about him and his mother was a wh*re. Goes to show that you could be a prince and a product of a broken home. By all accounts, Harry is not a bright lad. Apparently, he cheated on exams at Eton... and...