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Recent content by BluEyes

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    Micheal Phelps' Metabolism

    You think Phelpsy is muscular? Michael Phelps is a bean pole.
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    better to eat before or after workout?

    Depends what your goals are. A middle-of-the-road setup would be this: 30 minutes pre-workout: 5g BCAAs a thermo/caffeine tab a banana, optional Halfway through workout: sip on your protein shake and take 2-3g BCAAs After workout: Immediately after, take 60-80g of carbs through dextrose...
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    Hurricane Gustav

    Hurricane Gustav, Aug 31 Let's hope they repaired the levee's enough after Katrina! Apparently this storm will be much bigger-on the order of 2/3 more intense-though I suppose in 24 hours we'll know for certain. Katrina was a cat 3 hurricane, and this is forecasted to be a cat 5 superstorm or a...
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    Have you ever been punched in the face by a girl?

    Haha funny topic I've been hit by plenty of girls, and the best way to deal with it is just to manhandle them. Grab their wrists or throw them over your shoulder. There's never been a moment between me and a woman that I was actively angry at her and wanted to hit her, even when she was...
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    This is disturbing and sad: Police raid Maryland Mayor's home and murder his 2 dogs..

    Breaking News: Maryland Mayor accidentally runs over two K-9 units with his car earlier today, no apology issued, officials say.
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    This is disturbing and sad: Police raid Maryland Mayor's home and murder his 2 dogs..

    Is that bigjohnson qualifying himself to edger?? -- On another note: Although this is a terrible inhumane action, we can't forget that being a narcotics cop who breaks in to criminals houses fully expecting to get shot at(on a weekly basis) is a very stressful job. Calling someone on the...
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    Chicken for breakfast?

    Eggs and steak with an apple is a fine breakfast! Eggs and steak are the most anabolic foods available, good for building muscle. And of course no breakfast would be complete without a serving of carbs from the apple.
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    I can't stop farting help!

    Drink more water, eat more veggies.
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    The Sad Reality

    For those of you older Juans or those with kids, I'm sure you could relate to this article: Suspicious minds make being a man no longer child's play One would feel sorry for the children, to be denied innocent experience with adults. These days we're raising a generation of cold, emotionless...
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    Workout Log

    Funny how eggs are okay for vegetarians while chickens are not.
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    Should Men Shave Ther Legs?

    So if your father started wearing lipstick and going to work in high heels, you would think that that's perfectly normal and that he's a leader instead of one of those "followers"? You wouldn't think that it's strange behavior for a man to start doing these things? Or am I insecure for having...
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    Should Men Shave Ther Legs?

    So many people are avoiding the question... As for me, my opinion is that unless a dude is a competitive swimmer, extremely competitive cyclist or BBer, or has sasquatch-like hair growth, that shaving your legs is rather pathetic... And to the guys essentially saying "Mind your own...
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    I have cancer

    Before finding out he had cancer, Lance Armstrong didn't win Tour de France once... After discovering he had cancer, he won the Tour de France 7 times... -- These are opportunities to develop psychological and emotional strength.\ good luck
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    are you a true loner?

    This would be a good thread to pay homage to the Laws of Power... Law 2 NEVER PUT TOO MUCH TRUST IN FRIENDS, LEARN HOW TO USE YOUR ENEMIES. Be wary of friends--they will betray you more quickly, for they are easily aroused to envy. They also become spoiled and tyrannical. But hire a former...
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    are you a true loner?

    Haha, if my whole 9th grade class tried to humiliate me for no reason, I'd feel fully justified in pulling a Columbine on them. -- On the other hand, you could use what these classmates give you in a positive way. How? Well, if they humiliate you, its likely for a good reason whether you...