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Recent content by Blacksheep

  1. Blacksheep

    The arms race is escalating

    Yep. And in some people case its a fake/artificial self-improvement. Like those things OP described.
  2. Blacksheep

    I've heard not caring about what people think of you becomes easier as you get older. How?

    You should start to ask yourself if what people think about you is actually what you really think of yourself. As soon as you start to observe it, and have the inner confidence that you know who you are, then other people thoughts wont care. You dont have to express those signs of confidence...
  3. Blacksheep

    gf started/is starting to smoke socially

    We are the average of people we stay around, and influenced by them. It seems her friends are not good influences... You should be open about it with her. If she can't see it with her own eyes she is blind. Then you should decide if thats what you want as a partner. I also suggest to be open...
  4. Blacksheep

    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    Not directly. They are kinda creating some lies with that ex, and they are using it on that at court to try to harm me. But, I have facts on my side, so I exposed some lies with that. And based on what I read in that court case so far, most of the stuff has words very similar to what I could...
  5. Blacksheep

    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    Hey bro! I'm doing well in general. Those years since I left that situation has been a great learning experience. Not easy at all, but it's like I was born again and I need to relearn and rebuild everything I thought I was and the truths I was used to believe. I lost a considerable amount of...
  6. Blacksheep

    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    My biggest regret on that was being involved with a stupid woman that's trying in all means fck with my financial and psychological life. She is showing her worse part as a person on a judicial process while she is saying a lot of lies about me without any concern and creating a bunch of...
  7. Blacksheep

    Where do you get the energy from to keep up with life as you get older?

    The best time for me was 9pm - 10pm. You could try Isochronic tones for deep sleep. No need of headphones. Im using it every night and Im observing better sleep and my dreams are becoming more vivids. There is a science behind isochronic tones that I appreciate a lot.
  8. Blacksheep

    Where do you get the energy from to keep up with life as you get older?

    Staying up at 3 am seems to be the main problem. I would start fixing it. Even if you sleep 8 hours from this time, when the sun is up, your sleep isnt the same. Unles you have a total blackout bedroom.
  9. Blacksheep

    Thoughts on LUNA

    Do you have any good technical analysis book to recommend for reading? Got one from Glen goodman, its good but it doesnt get so deep into chart analysis. And he recommended one from Richard Schabacker.
  10. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    Thats good! :) What teas do you usually drink? When I drink some usually it is chamomile or sweet herb that have some calm down effects.
  11. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    The best test to do on it is to stop for some days and check your cravings on it. If you can control and not feel any cravings for 7 days at least than its really not a problem and the amount is not big enough to take you back to the addiction. Just be careful to some matcha teas, cause it...
  12. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    You should do something you enjoy... It doesnt matter what kind of exercise it is.
  13. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    Just have to be careful on teas to check if there is any caffeine on it. That case would be better no caffeine teas. Sugar is also a damn energy drainer. Not energy, but can make me more depressed after it.
  14. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    Maybe you are overdoing it. Start slow as everything. 10 min of workout or even 5 min daily can already bring you a lot of benefits. Remember, if you cut caffeine you will need time to recover... So dont try to push hard, otherwise thats the formula to relapse on caffeine again.
  15. Blacksheep

    Coffee with sugar?

    True! And like everything in life... Every choice we made has it's price. So we must learn to evaluate which price is better to pay. There is also some other benefits like Alzheimer's disease prevention and it helps people that have some respiratory problems. What helped me to make the...