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    do you still think NLP is a scam?

    or it is just how things naturally are https://youtube.com/shorts/d0_fGC8g6ew?feature=share
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    We Are On Verge of Complete Dating Collapse

    start approaching women in real life , and stop complaining about apps . Apps are there for women to feel validated , not for guys to get laid
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    Be Thankful for this Forum

    i am not saying that you can not get laid if you are into conspiracy theories , but for sure you will miss a lot of opportunities with women that liked you , till you opened your mouth and stared saying things that killed her vagina tingles some Discussions are just better to be left only for...
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    Be Thankful for this Forum

    well , you are free to have your own thoughts and opinions but as an idea , the more likable you are , the more friends and women you have the key to being likable is stay within the normal social norms . Going with conspiracy theories only makes you look like an outcast , which is kot the...
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    Be Thankful for this Forum

    conspiracy theories do not get you laid , as they are not something that women are interested in
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    How to go on a date for free

    who said anything about going to dinner and paying in any of posts here ? I said multiple times actually that going for a dinner does not make any sense , and that drinks are the way to go have no idea why you start saying stuff like this , as it is not what I was saying at all implicitly or...
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    How to go on a date for free

    Do not know what it is wrong to date a woman that is both good looking , ltr material and rich For some guys it is possible to get combo man , seriously now , if money would not have been a problem , you would not even thought about going to Starbucks and get the tap water when you have at...
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    How to go on a date for free

    I actually date a girl that comes from an extremely wealthy family guess what , I am paying the dinners or stuff when we go out , while she pays other stuff . In the end we end up square , or maybe me paying around 60% while paying a dinner at the first date is a terrible idea and drinks are...
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    How to go on a date for free

    This means that she is not that into you bro :) never encountered for a while a woman that wants to go 50-50 . Usually they will say that they pay the next round or something
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    How to go on a date for free

    but yet you are complaining about women that are this and that , while you are also in a certain way man , seriously , going to Starbucks to drink free water is mega cheap , and to be frank , now it starts to make sense on why you have this Deep frustrations towards women but it is not their...
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    How to go on a date for free

    Man , no offense , but why would you go to a Starbucks to drink the free water ? for sure you will give out that you are a cheap vibes to the girl :)
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    How to go on a date for free

    things that guy tend to forget or go to extremes women cost money , directly or indirectly
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    How to go on a date for free

    i am curious about the quality of the girls though + your age if you are around 20 , you can still get away with it … after 24 - 25 will be almost impossible, unless you are into trolls
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    If we Had the Options women Have

    depends , the more options you have , the pickier you would be this means that at some point you will find a high quality women that will bring value to your life , and in most cases you will be faithful , even though you will not be faithful from time to time . But this will be mainly short...
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    Ghosted out of nowhere...weird situation and cautionary tale...never assume you'll see a woman again no matter how well it is going

    I do not want to sound like a j@ackass , just saying how things work from my experience , and who knows , maybe you will find something interesting from my modus operandi you have a high conversion rate , mainly because the women who come to your place “ to cook “ know what will happen . It is...