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Recent content by Bigpapa

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    Tinder etiquette

    if you want to sleep with sub par women , then yeah you can clean up the place if you are good looking The problem with the good looking ones is that they are rarely active if you ever get a premium subscription try to filter by last active and you will see that over 90% are sub prime women
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    What's Her Interest Level? Confused.

    just so you know , in order to be successful on tinder you have to basically be a boring guy when you meet in reality and scale things up , then the woman will not know which is the real you so she will be uncomfortable :)
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    Is it normal to only sleep with one girl in high school?

    man , you have to deal with your inner anxiety and belief system. It is the only way to move forward
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    Are these all signs of Gaslighting?

    gaslighting I think that it becomes more often as we age , and mainly it has to do with traumas and becoming bitter as an idea , with young women 26-27 and bellow you can easily be ****y and sexual . They will love it with women above , they Will try to sh1t test you and gaslight you so as a...
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    Tinder etiquette

    the whole point of vetting for a relationship from the get go is very stupid , as the longer the courtship last the higher the chance the guy to find someone else also , eve if you put a lot of effort in making sure that you met someone and is relationship material , it does not mean that it...
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    Tinder etiquette

    women over 27-28 are like that , the younger ones are quite relaxed . They just want to have a good time , even though they would prefer a guy to have a relationship with the 28+ ones are more or less filtering you out from the get go if you are serious or not look at the tinder swindler story...
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    Tinder etiquette

    yeah , makes total sense what you are saying !
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    Tinder etiquette

    I see it the same way , that is why I am asking some other people opinion as I might be missing something 5 unmatches for the same thing , seems a bit more than just coincidence But then I asked the next match what she thinks about this , and she started laughing I think that it has to do...
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    Tinder etiquette

    what do you mean more exactly ?
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    Are these all signs of Gaslighting?

    it can also be a sh1t test to see how you react Latinas are notorious for sh1t testing , ranging from saying something quite offensive to you like “ are you gay ? “ to not responding for a couple of days if it is not part of the culture , then it might be very likely that they try to actual...
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    Women and their filters

    filters are easy to spot . If you see too Much of filtering , stay away
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    Tinder etiquette

    Hey guys , since I am planning to go to a couple of places during the summer , I decided to buy tinder premium and use the passport feature there . I realized quite soon that most women get offended and unmatch you when you say something like “ tinder is so addictive when you match with all...
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    Is it normal to only sleep with one girl in high school?

    during high School I had 2 girlfriends for most of my high school , and one fling With another girl when I was between the 2 long term relationships 1 girl is not that bad , normal I would say
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    Biggest age difference you have attracted and bedded repeatedly?

    I am 32 and bedded last week a 19 years old
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    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    unfortunately public spaces are full with trolls women are not more different than they were 2k years ago , the only difference is that most men were dying in wars so everyone took for granted that women are in a particular way but as an idea , nature is all about evolving . also , if...