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Recent content by becker

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    Things go well then break up

    Good insight, I agree with that in most part. This girl that I'm with right now I saw the other day. She said she didn't want to have sex anymore, but she was ok with hugging and kissing. Just yesterday she gets me in a room and totally made out with me, and she was all over me. But then, today...
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    Things go well then break up

    Another thought, is the "breakup" thing a sh*t test? Perhaps she's seeing if you're willling to pursue? But then again, now that I think of it, I doubt it, just a thought. What do you all think?
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    Things go well then break up

    Thanks for the feedback, I think the main problem seems to stem from your whole statement about external forces. My last girl told me she wasn't ready to get into anything, being that she just got out of a LTR a few months or so ago, maybe less, before she met me. That's an external factor...
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    Things go well then break up

    How many of you guys have been in a good relationship (not necessarily a "relationship" in the sense that you're boy-girlfriend, but just even an exclusive dating situation) and then suddenly the gal doesn't want to do it anymore? I've found that this happens from seeing each other too much...
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    How do you "officially" become bf/gf?

    This is the most difficult part for me. I have to admit I suck at it. Just got finished with this one gal, had sex with her every day for over a month. She didn't want to be in a relationship, even though I never even brought up the topic, she said it felt like one. This just shows that...
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    Baffling situation; I haven't found info on how to handle this

    Wow, I honestly wish I had some good advice for you, but I just don't. I hope I can learn something from your little plight, because that's quite a bind you're in, but you actually seem to have a chance. The next step you take is key, and I can't tell you what that is. Perhaps if you go out with...
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    Sex but no LTR

    It's crazy though, I always hit a wall once that point in the relationship comes up, because I'm sort of paranoid about it. Used to be better when I didn't know as much, darn it.
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    I think I am doing something really wrong

    This is sometimes the toughest part because I think most people in general have good hearts and you know how crummy it feels if some girl is trying to make you jealous or something, and no matter what anyone says, there will always be a little of that, you can't control it. Therefore, when you...
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    Sex but no LTR

    Long time since I've been on this board, doing a lot of field stuff. Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that as far as I go, I can get a girl in bed, but apparently I have trouble getting into any LTR with them. I think my biggest problem has been that when a girl asks me the whole "where do...
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    If you aren't mature and don't know what your talking about don't respond!

    big dizzle, Read part of this thread, but couldn't get through it all. i got the gist of it though. It's amazing that this girl broke it off with you and she wants to now get together with you again. I was in the same position. This girl was obviously totally into me, then out of the blue...
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    Tell HER you just wanna be friends.

    I have to agree with this one. It sucks. I haven't been on this board in a while, but I've been pretty screwed in the head from just this sort of thing, because you figure there has to be some point where the games stop, but I don't think so, so everytime I get closer to a girl now, I just think...
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    Girl describes me as 'chatty'

    Re: This is bad Wow, this is about as accurate as I've ever seen. Either that, or you've gone out with the same women as I have, lol.
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    Ignore girls???

    The woman chooses, and you can't do anything about it. If you're attractive to a girl, she'll pursue you, but if you're not, no amount of ignoring or any other trick in the book will change that. People have misconceptions of this. I've learned this in the field. Some girls are super...
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    Low IL , how to turn the tables?

    In my experience, if a girl really likes you, she'll do the pursuing. Right now I have a girl that's pursuing me very heavily, and I'm not that interested in her. I'm not even leading her on, and I'm not even flirting with her, but she is coming on super strong. On the flip side, I've also...
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    The Breakup Effect

    Have any of you parted amicably with an ex and had her come back to you after months of no contact? What have you done in this situation?