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Recent content by BadBoy89

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    The Sexual Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

    Here is an article about the Sexual Revolution. Its a long but quick read. Thoughts? ——— While it gave (young) women and a small percentage of men the ability to sleep around willy nilly without commitment I firmly believe that the overall result of the sexual revolution has been so...
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    Do you Pay for First Dates?

    What if the man is a feminist, a champion for women’s rights and equal pay and opportunities for all women? His mission in life is to have all women be in positions of power, be sexually liberated and sleep with whom ever they wish without judgement. Still pays?
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    Women and a few betas bash a guy because he’s 30 and never had a relationship

    31 years and 6’4? Brother if you look normal you should be cleaning up like crazy. 6’4? You don’t have to do anything, just show up and the girls with f your brains out. Generally the ONLY thing that would overtake such a height is a thick full set of hair. Girls would rather take...
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    Calling Women Out vs. Silent Acceptance

    A woman ALWAYS knows what she is doing when is comes to romantic relationships. If it’s business, she can’t manipulate. But when it’s about emotions and sex and love and dating and babies, she can manipulate with her eyes closed and one hand behind her back. Now why would a woman with high...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    The point of the post wasn’t about aging. Everyone ages. The point of the post was there is NO benefit to commitment. Once a woman ages, her looks go and if you commit to her, you will not be able to legally leave her to go have sex with a younger hotter woman without PAYING for it. When...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    We are talking about what’s best for a MAN. You keep DEFENDING women. You either are a WOMAN or a WHITE KNIGHT.
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    And yet this article says staying single can help you live longer. https://blog.stridehealth.com/post/staying-single-can-help-you-live-longer
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    Because it’s good for society. Back when Kings has 5 wives and 10 mistresses. They didn’t settle down with ONE women forever and forever. What legacy? What if the kid turns out to be gay? Or a criminal? Or a drug dealer? Or disowns you? If you want to be known for “Raising a family” at...
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    Men who want commitment from women

    For the men who want to get MARRIED, COMMIT to and have sex with ONE women FOREVER and FOREVER. Here you go:
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    Marriage does not benefit men

    Marriage is for society’s best interest. It provides comfort, stability, and community for SOCIETY. Marriage is not a man’s best interest in 2021. To legally commit to one women, who is not a virgin, forever is idiotic. The man is not to have sex with any other woman, hotter or younger, and...
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    Women Have Infinite Options

    Good question. Men will sacrifice being with a narcissistic and damaged women as long as she is young, hot, and fertiLe. Even hotness they will sacrifice as long as she is fertile. It’s almost all about the woman‘s fertileness for the man. Once she passes the age of no longer having kids...
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    NBA Player LaMelo Ball (20) impregnates IG model (32)

    What would have Sosuave told him if he found it?
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    Britney Spears is engaged.

    Britney Spears is engaged. The man she is engaged to is a 27 year old good looking 6’2 personal trainer from Iran. She is a 39 year old twice divorced mother of 2 boys and has had drugs issues and mental breakdowns. He bought her an expensive ring and they are signing an iron clad prenup...
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    You say ‘no’ - I say ‘leave’

    Wondering how good Susan looks that you are this into her after TWELVE years. Does she not age? No wrinkles on her face? Just wait until Susan hits 37. You will know every answer there is to know. In fact, we don’t even need the DJ Bible. All we should say is “pretend any women you are...
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    Advice: How do I seduce my chiropractor?

    Odd combination. Women in ballet and thin and petite. Women in horse riding and heavier and larger. Just keep doing what you did above.