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Recent content by BadBoy89

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    Where are the women?

    OP says he lives in EU…and no one answers him, lol. If things are that bad in EU, wait until a man arrives in America, it’s 10x worse. I would go to Church and listen to Pastor Preach for 1 hour, might find a girl there.
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    The Impact of Roe V Wade on Dating

    Pro life if the woman is sexy and rich. Pro choice if the woman is sexy. Pro abortion if the woman is a fattie or uggo.
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    Is it creepy to go to a strip club alone?

    Almost as creepy as starting thread after thread asking incel related questions.
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    Sh*t Test: “Are You Banging Other Women?”

    She is not testing to see you care. With that question, she is testing to see how desperate you are. It's a trap question. If a man says "no", he is a loser who can't attract women If a man says "yes", he is a player who doesn't respect women If a woman wants to see if a man cares, she...
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    Question for BeExcellent and Catsmeow

    Question wasn’t does alpha = money. Jeff Bezos wife knew she would get paid. Question was; would a wife trade a princess lifestyle, the best everything, if her husband was cheating on her with a young hot girl, for an average lifestyle with a man who wouldn’t cheat on her. i.e. would his wife...
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    Chicks are now bragging on Tictoc about how much weight they have gained after getting married

    If I was 18 year looking to lose the virginity and a hot 42 year old was down, I would jump at the opportunity. Now If I’m a laTe 30s early 40s guy looking to get some; totally totally different story. But 18? Hormones are going crazy and they usually can’t get hot 18 year olds.
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    Question for BeExcellent and Catsmeow

    Good point. Guess I should have clarified more; not talking like an extra $75,000. I’m talking living like a Queen, not just being “financially supported”. Best hotels, best cars, best house, first class tickets, best jewellery, best food, best everything. I think women in the late 30s and...
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    Question for BeExcellent and Catsmeow

    This question is for the 2 main ladies on Sosuave; not sure why they on Sosuave because women instinctively know how to behave in romantic relationships; but anyway, I am wondering: If you were married to a guy and he gave you everything you wanted; you lived like a princess, what would you do...
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    The smoothest thing you ever said to a woman!

    Was at a coffee shop last week waiting outside for the President of my management company. He was late and there a girl, maybe mid 20s, little over weight 2 tables over. I was constantly looking in her direction because I knew that’s where he would be walking from. He was about 10 minutes...
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    Example: Attractive woman acting like a buffoon vs Unattractive man acting like a buffoon

    For men it’s not so so much about looks as it is fertility. Men need to girl to be decent looking and fertile. Her fertileness almost trumps everything. Hollywood is an extreme example, but any women past, I’ll be generous, 29 is done for. In real life, any decent man does not want to...
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    When on a Date… Sit Beside Her or Sit Across from Her?

    Studies show the best distance is: 2.3 feet - to make her fall in love 1.3 feet - to make her have sex with you
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    Your thoughts on the latest abortion ruling

    True But then why are people, mostly women, freaking out? They cannot afford to move? Or are there too many Chads in the States that allow abortions and too many Betas in the States that don’t? Again true. So 6/9 Supreme Court Justices, the most powerful and allegedly smartest people of...
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    Thinking about where I see "game" heading in these coming years.

    I personally think Sosuave will be filled with much more trolls than it has now. Trolls such as the OP.
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    How do I fix? My response to her friend during no contact was taken as a blow off

    I never trust someone who says ”trust me.” Sleep with one the 7 different women you reached to. You are too.
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    Foreign Girls Really Are Better - Location Matters

    How would they act if there was no distance between the male and female, and both parties knew there is a chance of near term sex on the table?