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Recent content by BackInTheGame78

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    Indecisive boss stalling career

    The world would cease to function without us
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    Indecisive boss stalling career

    Then it's time to sharpen up the resume. As a software engineer I switch jobs regularly, every one to two years.
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    Observations about college sex life from someone that went to a party school.

    Or being a house DJ in a college town...
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    Is it normal to only sleep with one girl in high school?

    Why are you so caught up on that? Do you have the ability to go back and change it? You can choose to live in the present with an eye toward the future and looking ahead, or you can have your eyes on the past .. can't do both.
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    Hahaha...GTFO. Some of us actually love our kids. I know...it's shocking that you can love someone else. Hard to do when you don't even love yourself...hopefully you figure that out someday
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    So having a kid makes you miserable? Honest to God I think some of you are mentally Ill
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    The miserable ones are you and the other woman haters on the forum. You can only hide it for so long til it comes out in your posts. That's called being an adult. Some of you should try it instead of pretending you have an endless childhood.
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    How many chicks have you slept with?

    How many of the same post are we going to have within 2 weeks?
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    Or go to Mexico
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    Why the fvck would you want to? The best thing that ever happened to me is my kids. Some of you are honestly fvcked in the head. Any father who willingly walks away from his kids is a fvcking scumbag. Truthfully the kids are probably better off not learning what he would be teaching them...
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    New GF likes to text a lot

    At this point it won't matter, she has very high interest. If done right, it can help her feel connected between dates.
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    Crypto trading

    There are bottoming formations like "W" bottoms that are very common and also look at confluences of moving averages, etc ... The weekly bullish order block lies around 10-12K, which is where I expect us to eventually bottom out around.
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    Pro-Life protestors are some of the biggest whack jobs you'll ever meet and many will go to whatever lengths necessary to get their point across, killing doctors and/or nurses at those clinics...in many ways they aren't much different from other religious groups who tries to tell them God gives...
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    Modern women going nuts LULz!

    It will only realistically effect 15 states who will ban abortions now(most) or a few that will ban after 6 weeks(2 or 3 of them). The other states will still allow them. Most people don't understand what the ruling is...they aren't unilaterally banning abortions federally, they are leaving it...
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    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    Get the feeling OP is a guy who can't be alone.