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Recent content by BackInTheGame78

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    Any of you guys ever play the role of sugar baby (www.seeking.com)lol

    Too busy making money in crypto for that nonsense.
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    Was this a good choice?

    If you fear spending that amount of money, your focus should clearly be on how do I get to a point where that wouldn't be a concern. That's my point. Wrong focus. Negative energy. You can never become abundant by staying in a place of fear and lack.
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    Was this a good choice?

    Honestly, that would not be where my focus is on if this is what you have to worry about. My focus would be on why I am in a position where this is a concern and how do I fix it.
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    Crypto trading

    Only because you don't get it. But you will. Many would say that is under selling it. Plan B's S2F model calls for $1 million per BTC, and that's pretty much been the gold standard for price accuracy
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    Crypto trading

    500K or higher
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    Crypto trading

    It's still at the end of the beginning. These prices will be cheap 5 years from now.
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    Crypto trading

    Everyone does haha
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    So wtf happened this time

    Trying something and actually learning how to do it properly are completely different things. OP I think simply lacks social tact based on previous conversations.
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    If she only sees you or asks to hang out at night....

    I mean...OK. If you want to try and form some theory from minimal interactions of a single person then go for it. Likely highly inaccurate tho.
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    Why do women go back to an ex who beat them?

    Because that's a reflection of what they think about themselves. They think that's all they are worth. Low self esteem.
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    Crypto trading

    Not really. Sometimes there are coincidences. Paperhands gonna paper. I buy the dip and make 10-15K in a few days.
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    Crypto trading

    I've been really into ICOs and DeFi Yield Farms lately as well as tokens in the Avalanche, Terra, Fantom, Cosmos and Polkadot platforms. All of those are becoming very popular. I bought a crapload of Kadena(KDA) at about .70 and it has skyrocketed to over 2.20, minus today's dip, bit still...
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    Messed up my career

    Seriously? Nobody is guaranteed to live any length of time...certainly not til age 90.
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    Crypto trading

    Yeah, ADA is gonna fly soon
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    Crypto trading

    Anything is good to buy now, I just am a big believer in AVAX and they are soaring right now