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  1. AttackFormation

    ‘James Bond’ Producer Says Not to Expect a Female 007

    The fact that you guys think "it's over for your life" depending on which gender movie characters have, as part of the media and celebrity gossip you astoundingly partake in, is what would really make me think it is indeed "over" for guys like you. It's especially ironic, because you would...
  2. AttackFormation

    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    You are georgepithyou right? your ideas of "alpha", "beta" and biology sound a lot like something you would get from watching a certain kind of youtube videos, and i recall him talking about that AMS guy he watched and writing like this too.
  3. AttackFormation

    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    Im not talking about prostitution mate.
  4. AttackFormation

    Time to debunk "The Wall", the biggest cope among the manosphere

    I think this is a meaningless definition of "the wall", because humans are: 1) interdependent, 2) not just mechanistic biology but psychology. In other words the person you want to have sex with also needs to want it back, and the reasons why they would or wouldnt want it are psychological, not...
  5. AttackFormation

    The Funny Thing about Tinder/OLD

    I spent this summer sending at least 30 personalised openers, for exactly zero result before i gave up. The women, simps and white knights on the internet who tell you to write personalised openers and put effort into talking are, as usual, talking about the world they would like to exist. They...
  6. AttackFormation

    Forum content just getting worse

    If youd only fvck her because shes an easy lay then shed evidently get burned by you too, so i get the intended point of your argument, but the example you used shouldve been with a girl of your own smv being after that guy (assuming your smv actually is above the "5"). What many guys dont seem...
  7. AttackFormation

    Are young Men really choosing games over relationships ?

    Unlike dating (OLD, cold approach and clubs), video games are an enjoyable activity. Sexuality is something we are inflicted with and have to suffer from since puberty, but if you think back to your time as a kid before that, you were perfectly able to be content without it. You are just cursed...
  8. AttackFormation

    My Social Media/OLD Experiment: Findings So Far

    Same here, if they portray themselves as a victim of their dating history rather than a perpetrator of it then my respect for them evaporates. But that's the dilemma: if they are the perpetrator of their own choices, and the consequences those choices have for themselves and the wider society...
  9. AttackFormation

    Has this Ever Happened to Anyone else?

    Yep, that's the one i was thinking about. I swear some men still just dont understand how different dating is for men and women, it's a completely different game.
  10. AttackFormation

    Has this Ever Happened to Anyone else?

    As long as a woman loosely resembles a human female, she can have as much sex with as many guys who are attractive to her as she decides to. The fact that they are both quite overweight doesnt matter haha. You probably know that already, but there are still guys on this forum who think women...
  11. AttackFormation

    Has this Ever Happened to Anyone else?

    It's a red flag in itself that a woman uses OLD. That's not a pleasant thought, but regrettably, it's what my decade of experience on OLD has led me to conclude. Those women have some sort of chronic flaw, from our point of view, which is why they are on and especially why they stay on OLD. It...
  12. AttackFormation

    The Sexual Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

    You guys are way too strung up and apocalyptic about this. Just live and let live and adapt to the world without attachment to negative sentiments.
  13. AttackFormation

    What I've learned from being out of the game for over 2 years (rant)

    Always felt something is off with OP, but it doesnt cross the line to where it becomes dead obvious to call out.
  14. AttackFormation


    Ah right, but if they still feel cold at whatever temperature the thermostat is set to, it makes sense that they would turn it up.