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Recent content by AttackFormation

  1. AttackFormation

    Article: An open letter to men who will have sex with me but won't date me

    Im not so sure that the woman in the article picture is the same as the writer, just click on the writer's name and youll see. Does that really seem like the same person?
  2. AttackFormation

    Dating a woman that lives with her boyfriend

    Sexual martyr hahaha :rofl:
  3. AttackFormation

    Does Canada have the worst incel epidemic of all the western world? What gives?

    I was gonna make a reply to your previous post using exactly that word, "harmless". I think i de-sexualised myself to a few women recently because ive only showed kindness (helping them in school) and no danger/aggression, nothing that will get their adrenaline flowing. I have a hypothesis that...
  4. AttackFormation

    Modern women and relationships

    "Likely"? I thought it was the opposite and very few women use OLD, which is also why their userbases are like 90% male, and if women do date through the internet that theyre more likely to do it through social media.
  5. AttackFormation

    Online Dating: Girls who say "I'm not comfortable yet, lets talk a little more first" when you ask them out

    Ime they are just looking to squeeze more entertainment out of you, it's a dead end.
  6. AttackFormation

    Fickle Women

    Few women use OLD (the userbase is vast majority male), and those few who are on it tend to be a concentration of the worst personalities. Environments based on choice overload and lack of consequence bring out both the worst in people and the worst people, OLD is the epitome of that. The fact...
  7. AttackFormation

    Internet Suppression - Your Thoughts?

    Yeah, i dont trust either the american state or the chinese state because of their history of lying (quick examples - WMDs in Iraq for America, covering up the milk scandal for China), and they are the ones involved. But i dont think this covid stuff is the biggest scoop in the world anyway...
  8. AttackFormation

    Internet Suppression - Your Thoughts?

    Well, at least it cant be a "chinese" leak if the american state knew and was actually funding the research in China haha. But it seems strange that the american and chinese states would cooperate that way, considering how much hot air has been blown between them, unless the hot air is just a...
  9. AttackFormation

    Internet Suppression - Your Thoughts?

    If i understand what that "doctor" is saying in the 3rd tweet, he says that people in the 65+ demographic are five times as likely to die from a covid vaccine as they are from covid, under the least bad assumptions for vaccination. So let me say this in a diplomatic way: do you have any...
  10. AttackFormation

    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    No? you say that your biology forces you to do a behavior, i said their biology forces them to do a behavior. It's exactly the same logical premise and conclusion involving a subject and an object. That's a practical question, im not talking about practicality. And from a moral perspective your...
  11. AttackFormation

    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    Yeah, i bet you say the same when someone robs you or when a business partner defrauds you. "Well, their biology made them do it. They had no choice." Also polyamory is not illegal lol. Anyway, keep trucking.
  12. AttackFormation

    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    My point is that you are a craven hypocrite and a snake, but since you already know that and dont care, my post is indeed pointless which i realised after posting it. I shouldnt have bothered, and nowadays i wouldnt have, but the post is stuck there.
  13. AttackFormation

    Colin Powell VS Black Widow Void

    People wear seatbelts and still suffer when car accidents happen... but that doesnt mean the seatbelt is useless or harmful. People also manage to drive without seatbelts without necessarily getting into an accident, but that doesnt mean driving without a seatbelt is just as sound as driving...
  14. AttackFormation

    Colin Powell VS Black Widow Void

    Yeah.. this isnt exactly the high watermark of BWV's contributions.