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Recent content by Archalon

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    Wanted: Your Most AFC Move

    1. saying I do 2. saying yes - TWICE - when asked by different gals to marry them 3. paying for both rings Luckily, that stupidity is behind me now
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    The DJ Bathroom

    essentials for the Bachelor bathroom: extra toothbrushes - easy one nice,soft towels hairspray - she'll thank you for it Contact lens solution - even if you dont wear them contact lens case - clean and unused handsoap - that nice artsy crap they like bath salts - she'll like them in her after...
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    Removing women's clothing

    Two tips : 1. Learn to unhook her bra with one hand. you can do this using your thumb and first two fingers. Little practice and its easy 2. if you end up at her place after a date, subtely suggest " why dont you slip into something more comfortable" I know, cliched line, but it does work...
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    How much $$$ do you spend on dates?

    Better yet, why dont you just actually learn a few things about art instead of practicing BS about them ??? It'll make professional artists like myself alot less likely to want to punk you in the back of the head when we hear you BS about our work from across the gallery. And a cultured...
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    How much $$$ do you spend on dates?

    HOLD ON - I play the game well. Professional Daters - I find them right away. High Society ? - Sorry, I got class and culture---I date dr.'s, lawyers, art dealers and the like. Like they really care about gettin something for free. No use in being cheap. If you got it - use it - if not...
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    How much $$$ do you spend on dates?

    Depends on what she's worth. High society dame, going to drop 100-200. Casual chick you met at the bar, 25-40. Everything else, 40-100
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    What was your breaking point from nice guy to dj?

    Divorce Easy as that. You got the one, and she screws you over. No forgiveness for that. Trusting a woman is about as easy winning the lottery now. At least Im still young - ( mid-twenties ) - got a long time to enjoy the DJ way.......