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Recent content by Antifragile

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    How long should I ignore this chick?

    No you don't block her, you literally just stop replying to her and make her see you with girls. Don't be friendly, create tension, if that doesn't work, forget about her. chances RN are very low
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    Crazy Russian Again

    @way2smart Comedy. I love the head games with Russians.... I swear it will be the death of me I'm honestly thinking of just saying "Yeah cool, I was thinking we should break up too" and going nc OR "Are you crazy, you cheated on your ex BF with me, why the F would I get into a relationship...
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    Social anxiety

    Weed got me pretty tense so I had to cut it out of my life. Even booze messes me up nowadays. I found I was smoking weed or drinking beer when I was really bored. You need to find something that takes up a lot of your time and attention - for me it is work and travel. If your social anxiety is...
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    Crazy Russian Again

    Been hooking up w/ this crazy + sexy russian girl on and off for last 12 months. She lives an hour (flight) away and I'd see her when I'd fly in for business periodically - generally 4 - 8 nights a month. She has always told me she wants a relationship. She has ended our FWB relationship 2...
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    FWB changed up our banging schedule because of of a new date

    @bradd80 - how would this play out? Bring it up by saying: if you plan on smashing another guy you're supposed to tell me? OR you're a lier, don't lie to me again? Im not sure how you can maintain frame after bringing this up.
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    How to Maintain Control After Hot Ex Re-engages You

    Could you expand on this?
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    Things Not To Tell Girls You Meet

    I travel for work frequently and have met a good amount of girls on dating apps. What works for me is saying "I usually come here twice a month and am thinking of moving here. Still unsure though" Keep it in the air but say you travel there frequently.
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    How to Maintain Control After Hot Ex Re-engages You

    @sazc - Appreciate the input. This girl used to do all sorts of things in the past to earn my attention so I wouldn't put it past her if this was another move. She was a ***** after we broke up and were hooking up on and off (2 months). Knowingly disrespectful things. Only thing messing w/ my...
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    How to Maintain Control After Hot Ex Re-engages You

    Update: I responded with what @Glassguy wrote. Then ghosted her. It's been 2 weeks and she writes me this yesterday: "probably should have mentioned this when I first reached out to you, but the reason I wanted to talk is to make an amends for my behavior. I know I’ve attempted at points to...
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    Do Any of You Have Experience Dating Russian women?

    Great input. I hooked up consistently with two Russians (22 and 19) while flying into Melbourne frequently for work. Both had major daddy issues and wanted to make me jealous the entire duration of the relationship. Their bodies are flame though.
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    How to Maintain Control After Hot Ex Re-engages You

    Glassguy - following your approach. Will update I like her so purpose may be to eventually get back together but for right now having way to much fun f*cking around
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    How to Maintain Control After Hot Ex Re-engages You

    Legends, Need some advice. It's been roughly 14 months since my x and I broke up. I broke it off initially, then we got back together for a bit, then she broke it off. We were only exclusive for 8 months, but hooked up semi-regularly for 12 months prior. She has also been completely sober for...
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    Flattering Things Your Ex Did

    My ex gf stole my tattoo idea and put it between her legs right after we broke up (two snakes and a branch). Flattering I guess... lol