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Recent content by anonymous12345

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    My failed experiment of living abroad, reflections

    One aspect is identity. Moving to another country and try to fit in their culture, language and have a functioning identity can be hard. I spent a long time in a country, for long feeling like Edward Norton's character in Fight Club, trying to speak the language, but was never really accepted or...
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    My failed experiment of living abroad, reflections

    Related thread: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/game-with-different-languages.278268/
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    Game with different languages

    I’ve noticed that my identity and language is much better in English; it’s masculine, free, dominating, flirty, confident. Now I’m back in a country speaking Swedish where I’ve never developed or used such skills, I left when I was 17 and never had successful game here. What have people done to...
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    One’s eye contact

    My theory on this that whether to have "a lot" or "little" of eye contact is something a long the power dimension. Much eye contact reduces the man's amount of power and instead builds connection, in short. This is why I think it creates trouble for me. I'm relatively short, so I can't afford a...
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    Cold approach: radical impression

    As others here I have openers about apparel or something else nearby, in cold approaches. I often get conversations, sometimes IG closure. However, I’ve noticed that even though thoughtful compliments of them is (periodically highly) appreciated, it’s as if the interaction merely is a daily...
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    The age question

    Yeah, might well be the case, but other explanations in this thread are viable too. Bisarr what the reason can be. I got an athletic build, buzz cut, well dressed, though short (170 cm), and I can't currently think of more suitable dialog. I don't see the question or statement. Yeah, I...
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    Raising interest level over IG?

    Yeah, I have trouble with that too. It feels narcissistic and woman-ish to flaunt oneself like that. But I think one has a healthy/strong self esteem if one is proud of oneself to the degree one can post such pictures. I have a friend who has slept with about 300 girls (I believe him), and his...
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    The age question

    I buy this. Looks and physique is there (based on what others say to me), but the vibe and lifestyle is not there. It was a cold approach and then IG chat.
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    The age question

    She wrote "You're almost twice my age". She is for sure above 18 (drinking). Likely 22, from the yellow pages.
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    The age question

    I’m 38 but as a late bloomer I am mentally young, though I guess all men like young girls. Problem is, I often get the “you’re too old”, either directly in person, or later on. Today I managed to banter away “how old are you?”, but she looked me up on the internet later on. Then the “You are...
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    One’s eye contact

    By googling “men's eye contact” hits emphases eye contact as something positive. My experience is that it’s actually the opposite that makes a girl chase and establish rapport. This is supported by leadership literature that says that those with little eye contact has more power. (More “HR-ish”...
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    Lie about age on Tinder

    I’m 38 but look 30 and have SMV relevant for girls that see 30-ish as relevant. If I swipe Tinder currently I get what often is mentioned here on SS: single moms and obese things, etc. I cold approach and use social venues a lot and in many ways prefer that, but think that having Tinder can’t...
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    Path to learning Game

    Yeah, I believe I socialise broadly and there's something socially competent about me I believe. I've socialised a lot, but am average, I don't perceive me as worse or better than those in the environments I am. I think I have guts for cold approach, virtually see no one do that in Sweden, but...
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    Path to learning Game

    I got a sh1t story too, but I haven't been able to solve the game problem. I'm ten years in, 30+ PDFs & 10 physical books or so on game, easily 1000 cold approaches, plenty of night game, and I'm still a disgrace and as capable as a doorknob. If I recall your posts you got...
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    Logistics of a first date

    It's just a question of geography and urban circumstances, dude. In major Europe cities there's public transportation so going by car is just unpractical. USA generally differs. I got a driver's license because I had the time and money for it, but never had the need for driving let alone a car...