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Recent content by americandude

  1. americandude

    Should I keep doing what I was doing with her now that in a relationship with her?

    I wouldn't say that long distance relationships NEVER work because I had a two year LDR with a 19 year old French girl before I moved to France and we lasted another 15 years! The only people that say that LDR's don't work are the one's that haven't had a successful one yet. It is important that...
  2. americandude

    Picking up women IRL in a foreign country

    I met a German woman from Essen on OkCupid back in April. She's not a drinker either. She told me about a guy she met at Starbucks. They had exchanged looks for a long time, but they didn't get together until after they had matched on OKCupid. From what she tells me, German guys aren't as...
  3. americandude

    For single guys with children

    There's been strikes this month here in France, so I have been driving to work instead of taking public transport. On my way back home tonight, there were 3 women that took the elevator with me to their cars. When the first woman got off, I wasn't sure if that was my floor because I was too busy...
  4. americandude

    For men 35+, where are you meeting the ladies?

    Those that say cold approaches don't work must just not be doing it right or are too scared to try. I'm 47 and recently divorced. I did a lot of cold approaches in 2018 and had decent success. I'm American and live in France, so having an accent when I speak French probably helps. I actually...
  5. americandude

    Question about women from. 29-35 years old.

    That's what I had in mind when at 28, got with a 19 year old French girl and moved to France. That relationship lasted 16 years...the last 8 in marriage. I wish that I was 10 years younger, but I'd much rather be single in France than back in the states.
  6. americandude

    Choosing smaller women for better sex

    I am a big, muscular guy, so there's never been a woman that I couldn't dominate. I remember back in high school taking two guys on that wanted to wrestle me at a party. I had one pinned with my legs and the other with my arms....so, I'll take on any woman, but yes...I do prefer women that...
  7. americandude

    Exchanging telephone number

    Every situation is different, but I usually give them my telephone number. I prefer when they ask me for mine though. I was sitting next to the Seine last night in Paris listening to this attractive young woman playing the accordion & she asked me for my number after we spoke. Later that night...