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Recent content by AMDG

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    Did not close, paying the price?

    I've had a situation long time ago with lots of sparkle and out of the blue no contact literally overnight. Ironically contact was restored a few years later - I only asked her if she wants back her stuff left at my place, the answer was no. I thanked her for the god times and put her on ignore...
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    Did not close, paying the price?

    Nothing unusual here. There is a window of opportunity for casual sex, and most woman seek attention and are easily bored. Why are you focusing on that woman if you are as confident as you say ?
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    Sticky situation

    Cut contact and see how it goes.
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    Should I go Raw in her?? Condoms suck

    I have met single moms that use abortion as the only contraception method, and refuse to use the pill or a condom ( needless to say, I have not slept with them ). But in this troubled times many men with no game see them as the low hanging fruit, and believe me, as a result, some are more...
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    Need to make a marriage decision ASAP! or I lose my girl

    Run away and don't look back. I'm getting married in one month, but I'm allergic to ultimatums :trouble:
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    Advice on properly handling a 19-year old

    Why bother ? A woman who's interested in you will escalate things quickly, but with a woman who's not interested it soon becomes an uphill battle and you loose self-confidence and precious time.
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    We've got 2 weeks - need advice

    I bet he's ashamed of himself.
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    We've got 2 weeks - need advice

    No reply - as expected :)
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    virgin girl and her sister

    It's very simple actually. Just ignore her, and believe me you're wasting time on her.
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    virgin girl and her sister

    Not at all. My fiance was a virgin when she met me and I have not encountered such problems - in fact we were doing various/radical sex acts barely two months after our first meeting. That being said, I encountered other virgins that were negociating for status ( usually marriage ) using...
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    Need some interpretation advice. (thanks for any info)

    That's the only relevant part. Just ignore her, because a woman who's interested will never behave that way.
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    seriously.. what happened to the black women?

    First, you are talking about multiracial people as examples. Some studies say that up to 40% of African Americans are in fact multiracial, for obvious reasons. Second, these marriages depend on gender as well. "Broken down by gender, black men were more than twice as likely as black women...
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    Advice needed about a date with a woman who has recently broken up

    Very good. Leave the mindgames and the drama to somebody else. IMHO, the girls who are interested don't even dare to behave that way.
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    Gf says "let's stop here"

    You did the right thing. Next please.