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Recent content by Alvafe

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    How would you improve national security?

    that is relative, mostly wars are fights of territory or resources, some was for simple killing, but these never really did well, also note sometimes having war is preferential to peace if that give you something you need, remember warlords still exist TODAY. if this thing is really something...
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    Strange situation with new woman...thoughts?

    actually I need to ask, you tried to kiss her first date? how you act after the refuse, that is kinda important
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    Dating a Model

    oh the problem is not only her, is the whole things, I kewn some models over my life and the things I herd from then.... lets just say all the rumors you heard about it, is not rumors at all
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    Do women care what car we drive?

    remember woman love value and status. so having a expensive car, shows status and you have money, that can be amplified based on her background, also country poors countrys having a car alone is already a plus, helps even more the younger you are, or rather how young she IS. but also IT...
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    Dating a Model

    meh, have fun don't take her serious and be ready to eject the first sign of trouble, models and modeling are a annoyance to a degree you really don't want to deal with, no one with a sane mind would
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    Author claims that the roots of the Incel meme is PUA

    we call then cat ladys
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    Random accusation that I lied to her

    ah makes me remember once once when I was called liar, and I don't, normally i'm too blunt and direct to even care to lie, thing is, she was the compulsive liar, since she did lied often to her family, and that was what I did know, I did caught her on others lies later. thing is if you are sure...
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    Book: No more mister nice guy by Robert Glover-some provoked thoughts on femin ism

    first prolem I see is the fact you want to force people to do what you belive is "right", with always goes wrong, don't matter how "good" will you belive would do, it will never give more pros then cons, freedom is something you should belive and employ, you are free to do what you want, but you...
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    Did Feminism ruin GTA 6?

    metroid, or super metroid in case you played in snes, is kinda ok, since the fact samus is female didn't matter during the whole game, with in these cases I think is good, it don't matter the sex, it matter if the game will be good and if its not forced, till super metroid it wasn't, when team...
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    Did Feminism ruin GTA 6?

    lol guys playing with female characters, tell you because they like to look at something nice when they play, I always thought who have time to look at your char when fighting? but I swear, I belive it a way for then to be a dad of a girl or really to spend on a female when they don't have...
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    Ex Poisoning the Well Against You

    simple put, can by pass tehn and bring to someone in a higher position, if so you tell then then such and such are not doing they work, and it will hinder the cases progress or even open up possible lawsuits for badpractice. dude you are a lawyer, lawyers are know for being pricks who always...
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    Poor Harry

    i'm more surprised its not they sayng they will divorce lol
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    A dude texted one of our nurses...

    correct, again its a number thing, hence the scale, with also mean it will be pretty hard you have anything serious with one, if of course you have any self love
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    A dude texted one of our nurses...

    having some is all, but when every guy you know have experiences with a nurse freak, or know story of a bi nurse who change partiners every weekend(the person sex is also random), close second are lawyers, and then teachers, these are the top 3 on my slut list, I could put up doctors, but...
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    This Corey Wayne guy

    guys, guys best you can do is not follow anyone, do your own thing, take the tips who works ignore the rest, and be your own, following people, beliving people, will only hinder you, be free