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Recent content by Alvafe

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    A century ago, the famous bachelor-Chad Nikola Tesla got unrelenting female interest

    nah tesla never cared about woman, he always though they are a waste of time, and given how much he did and invented, I doubt he even felt the need for sex.
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    Why not me

    because he does it better, also he could be richer, better looking, have a big ****, or is a complete lost cause and she want to save him, it does not matter find someone else and stop guessing, if she want you good if not there is someone else who does, also have some self esteem, not one like...
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    Lost custody by court order

    acttually he don't really need any PI, he can just call child services and tell then any problem, also since he can still see then on he odd weekend he can keep it a look, note though, removing parental rights, is pretty hard, does that mean you also dont pay anything for they mother? also...
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    Is sex overrated ?

    yes sex for men most of time is the ego trip, with woman get with the attention. but thing is we also need sex in a physical term, older you get it become less required, but it also depend on each person, my libido still is the same as on my 20 and i'm almost 40, and its annoying most of time...
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    Any tips to deal with long term lower back pain?

    I had to help in voices of go get some exercises for you back, I had a lot of lower back pains too over the years, gym helped on these, since I worked on that back muscles it become stronger and the pain now is gone, it will take sometime, and at times it will look like it was worse, but it get...
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    How to treat girls that frequently ask you for help?

    you could or just be i'm busy, you knoiw you are doing something right when they alwyas think you are busy, or just do like I like to do with "requests" and ask what I get doing so? I like this question because it gauge her interest
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    I think this girl I’ve been interested in found a beta provider

    then you really need to go out more, the first girl you find is trash lvl
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    I think this girl I’ve been interested in found a beta provider

    does it matter? move on, its all guessing, unless you ask her and she tells the truth, chances are even if you did she will lie anyway, plus she is damaged don't even matter if its true, made up , or the same sh!t all over again with a new dude
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    I want to move on and forget a girl

    think and concentrade of her bad points, we tend to look for only the good, focus on her bad and then you move faster
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    article: I slept with my date for the first time and he dumped me because of my body

    actually its simple they need to keep the agenda and there is not much thing going on, so they take anything
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    article: I slept with my date for the first time and he dumped me because of my body

    plot twist, its his daughter. btw, he is not into furries so I don't see the issue
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    Any other manlets here angry at getting mogged at Wal-Mart now that they put stuff on a super high shelf?

    yeah they pull the measuring tape, before start dating you..... serious, if you think teh problem is your height, I have bad news for you.....
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    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    you guys need to understand, woman will never aproach, they ego can't stand even a chance of rejection, that is for the guys do, also note since most of then are used to be aproached they will not in all my life I was only aproached once, and only reason for that was perceived as a badboy at...
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    How do I come up with $3000 in 2 weeks?

    so pray tell what abilities? if you had any you won't be asking for how to make money, I also said I can pull money in less then s seg if I need, but sure its mi limitations who gave me 10k debt and don't have money to do sh!t,, nice try, I will not bother to explain again, but hey since you...
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    How do I come up with $3000 in 2 weeks?

    I don't tend ask for other people opnion, and when I do I just keep it in mind not outright refuse unless is dangerous. also you ARE asking about something you can't achieve, refuse everything you don't want to heard. ignoring facts will not solve your problem