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Recent content by adam225

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    getting a a girlfriend is very complex process

    Lmao, this one killed me. :crackup:
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    Do you have a minimum age?

    Wow, I'm 28 and the lowest I'll go is 24 (and that's pushing it). I could of got with a 22 year old girl last night but I made it clear that she was too young. The such an age gap just seems wrong in my eyes.
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    women ask how much I make per month

    Tell any women that asks how much you earn to "FVCK OFF". No other response is needed.
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    Girlfriend says I'm never sweet

    ^^ exactly. She'll be fvcking someone else in no time. OP, you need to hang around the forum more often.
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    My (possibly ex) GF just sent me a text after 1 day NC?!

    In other words " I still believe I have a chance with her and that the relationship can be fixed". Bro, tell her to fvck off and delete her number. She's most likely getting fvcked by a new guy and just wants to test how weak you actually are to justify the break up. Once "it's over"...
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    Society loves Men with Low Self-Esteem

    Absolutely BRILLIANT. I've been thinking about this a lot recently. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Poon King again.
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    Being unpredictable and women. Discuss

    vBulletin Message You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Poon King again.
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    The reason I'm so bitter

    This confirms my conclusion about him. He's just all talk. Deep down he's a weak push over. His girl is most likely getting railed by someone else right now. But then again, I guess it's just karma...
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    The reason I'm so bitter

    I'm speechless..... You've twisted that around worse than a woman would (and completely wasted your time in doing so). I'm all one for the "red pill", but it still doesn't mean you have to be bitter towards others in such extreme circumstances. I think the worst thing is that you honestly...
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    The reason I'm so bitter

    Lmao, you really are a fvcking idiot, you're a human being not a fvcking robot. I tell you what I'd do - I'd give her and her family all the support and comfort I could for as long as needed. This isn't about being "beta" or a "white knight", it's about respect. There's times when you need...
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    Why Women will always Control MOST of you

    Lmao, I'm pissing myself in laughter. Poor Gaylan, well at least he tries. :crackup:
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    The reason I'm so bitter

    I don't think you're living on this planet. It's OK to say that, but when it actually happens there's no getting away from the emotional attachment. You're forgetting that there's a bigger picture to this, when you're around her friends & family and they're grieving because they know that she's...
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    The reason I'm so bitter

    Wow, you really are a complete pr1ck.