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Recent content by 2Rocky

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    Dating as a single dad is it even possible.

    1) make your parenting plan so you have some time child free. 2) dedicate your time with your children to them. Now is your time to be "Good-Time Dad" 3) have a project/hobby that doesn't involve children career or women. Rediscover the passion of doing something for yourself. 4) +1 to the...
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    Marriage vs sex

    Listen, you have a chance for a one night deal with an older woman. If you find yourself in a place where her desire is high and you are within the standard she has at that point. What it really is is you are looking for validation just as much as a 50 year old guy wanting to snag a barely 18...
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    How much missed opportunity is there by not having good text game and asking for nudes as soon as you have her snapchat?

    The only woman to ask me if I would get snapchat was a BPD Redhead that turned on me faster than you can say "Multiple Personalities" she insinuated she wanted to send me risque photos... The next one went ahead and sent them over regular text. Unsolicited.
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    First date - offer to pick up vs. meeting at venue

    I'm a grown up with a nice car. "Where shall I pick you up?" is me taking control. She can meet me at her home or somewhere downtown.
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    How long are you willing to wait...

    Her mentioning her period on the last date is pretty much giving you the green light for the next time together. The emotional investment she has in the relationship so far is getting pretty high. Give her 5 days or so to sort it out and invite her over with rock solid logistics. An overnight...
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    Attractive cashier women (e.g. Target, Supermarket, Starbucks, etc.)

    I wouldn't put her on the spot asking for her number while in line. But giving her my card; a professional one with embossed ink and good crisp edges and simple text, tells her that I am interested and the ball is in her court. I'm not going to waste MY time trying to win over a cashier who I...
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    Cashiers don’t even say hi or goodbye

    AND THAT is when being warm and outgoing really surprises women and makes them reciprocate. I'll never forget the bank teller who described me to her coworkers as "that Wrestler -looking dude" who now greets me with "what's going on Good Lookin'?"
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    Cashiers don’t even say hi or goodbye

    Listen I work the counter sometimes and I'm making six figures a year. I may have a million things on my mind especially if there is a line. If someone is giving off an Annoyed Vibe I'll just cut to the chase. But if someone engages me I'll return the sentiment. Try being warmer to people in...
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    Recognizing negative people in your life, and how to deal with it.

    It was funny...Going through the divorce, people were kinder. Now that I'm really doing well the Debbie Downers come out in full force. Am I more aware of people being resentful when I'm doing well? I've noticed it HAS made me more self critical too.
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    Help interpreting her actions?

    I had this happen in a hotel bar. Made eye contact with her as I entered and she answered a call just as I came within hearing distance. I ignored he while she was on the phone but felt her gaze and could see her watching me as I talked to people around me. When she finished her phone convo...
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    Is the friendzone always bad

    I was constantly friend zoned when I was younger. Ended up marrying my college sweetheart which lasted 20 years. During the 20 years I was married I encountered a number of women who I friendzoned because I wasn't available. Upon the end of my marriage I saw their interest flicker and a...
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    How 'far' will you take it with plates you're spinning?

    a lot depends on what THEY want. You aren't going to have a woman looking for her next husband who will put up with being a plate (for very long) and you won't be able to hold on to one who is looking to have the Next Best Thing. Retention is related to goals in common and as long as your...
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    Fake Friends

    What you have are Acquaintances, not friends. You have them in your life for specific reasons. Appreciate those reasons, but don't mind the other parts. As you get older , you will grow into new circles and friendships. Relationship management is not just about the women we are having sex...
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    Recognizing negative people in your life, and how to deal with it.

    Lately I've recognized there are a few people I have to deal with often, even daily who seem to be downers towards other people. They are critical of other people and ideas almost by reflex. When I mentioned a neighbor who was recognized for her volunteer role in a recent disaster "Well I...
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    LTR ended in trainweck - did I give her closure?

    The Breakup Everything else after