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Recent content by 2Rocky

  1. 2Rocky

    I want proof daygame cold approaching works

    What about being cold approached by women? It's happened to me more than I ever expected. Usually when I have just finished a run..
  2. 2Rocky

    Do women care about how men look physically as much as we care about how women look?

    My experience is that some of you guys are so high maintenance about your appearance that it turns women off. The women I'm interested in Do NOT like Metrosexual men. They like a guy who can work outdoors , get dirty, come in shower and throw on a Jacket and a tie for a night out.
  3. 2Rocky

    Fear of Rejection? Understand what you are actually afraid of

    Be the "Mysterious Stranger" befriend the guys who are with the attractive women. If you have the social skills and can hang with them, they say "Hey Rocky is cool.." But having the social ability to meet other guys and not come off as a threat, while bringing some value, is the key. Just...
  4. 2Rocky

    I hear mature men say "live life to the fullest" but what does that really mean?

    Don't confuse breathing with living.....
  5. 2Rocky

    A girl from the past popping up

    So this is a boomerang girl. She's attracted enough to reach out. I'll give her credit for sticking with her relationship, but it sounds like things have changed. Line her up for a date when school resumes and have your logistics set for an overnight stay. Make a solid date. Invite her to...
  6. 2Rocky

    How deal with alpha widow?

    SO she is moved in, so you are committed to a fair degree. You want to make this work. Quit Looking to ***** abour what is out of oyur control and focus on the future, The only way to deal with this, because we have all been around, is to say "hey I'm not going to obsess over what happened...
  7. 2Rocky

    Interesting interviews. Soft White Underbelly

    Many times people post here talking about personality disorders and people with certain characteristics being poor mates. Watch some of these interviews to see how and why they do what they do.... https://www.youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly
  8. 2Rocky

    Would You Like to Date a 23 Year Old Hooters Waitress and Tier 4 Law Student?

    https://www.ranker.com/list/celebrities-who-worked-at-hooters/celebrity-lists Hooters employees can get tuition assistance Hooters offers excellent benefits to their employees, including help with paying for school. Courtney Dietz, who worked for Hooters for several years, told Cosmopolitan...
  9. 2Rocky

    Ex gf appears a year later after dumping me and now says she never stopped loving me

    This is like having a job you liked, and getting fired because they thought someone else could do it better and cheaper. You wouldn't go back to work for that company would you?
  10. 2Rocky

    What can I take besides pain pills to relieve stress?

    Are you trolling? How about Meditation and mindfulness. Treat the cause not the symptoms.
  11. 2Rocky

    Would You Like to Date a 23 Year Old Hooters Waitress and Tier 4 Law Student?

    First of all she's not trying to become a lawyer for the STRTING salary....it ifs for the salary 10 years and more in.... Second. Physical Beauty and athleticism are depreciable assets. Having a career that doesn't rely on looks is a good backup plan if she doesn't marry into money or...
  12. 2Rocky

    Warning …. The bad part of being a DJ

    OP is walking down that hill...
  13. 2Rocky

    Warning …. The bad part of being a DJ

    Let's wait to hear how this played out in 2 weeks.
  14. 2Rocky

    Meet at bar article

    There is so much more than just the line. There is eye contact, open body language, the vibe and mood of the place and time.... I seriously got invited to meet a woman at the bar after a celebration of life we were both at... That's a good use of the last line....