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    Feel like calling.. need advice

    She wasn't letting you touch her while she was laying in bed with you.... and she agreed with you when you said you two should split up This woman is too player for you, you cant handle her
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    getting handjobs, titty bangs, makeouts from married chicks?

    It's his fault for having a wife
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    Just turned 30. Look like a 25 year old.

    Make this thread when you're 50, because 30 isn't old at all
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    Sleeping with tons of girls, feel empty

    Lol... your nasty ass shouldn't be talking
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    Should I let her stay with me?

    This man is a true philosopher... let's appreciate him while he's here
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    Should I let her stay with me?

    You invested time and energy into them, so because of that you don't want to give up, you start feeling like you have to finish the job because of the investment. You start to confuse that feeling as thinking you really care about them, but it's just a mind trick. It's much harder to walk away...
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    The Internet is the problem

    You're so right, porn is ruining us *gets on pornhub
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    Getting stuck in a rut

    I feel sorry for you guys with no gym equipment at home. You all seem so sad without the testosterone boost
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    Best Reply For This Text

    Call me Super D
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    How to move up from a 5/6?

    She must be giving you that real good sloppy toppy, if you've been dating her for 2 months And if she's not then I don't even know what to say to you
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    Had to dump her

    If I really analyze what I've read, then I'd say her fears were probably justified lol
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    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    She's playing chess...The next time she does something he doesn't like, she'll say "omg, I deleted my snap for you, what else do you want from me, you're so insecure, I can't do this anymore" And then she'll live happily ever after with snapchat guy
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    FR: Lay Report but a little frustrated

    So you always lick random skanks juices off your fingers? lmao... that's nasty *Cleveland voice
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    FR: Lay Report but a little frustrated

    The first time I think was just legit laughing because it was funny. I mean you licked her juices off your fingers, and said that tastes good... that's some silly ass crazy sh1t, why wouldn't she laugh. Nothing wrong with that, girls like laughing The second time though... "put that big...
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    What height is considered tall for a man?

    5'11 is where it's at. We're not too short, and we're not too tall