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Recent content by 17 shots

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    Huge Dropoff in Forum Activity: Why?

    The audience would rather watch then read. The presenter would rather talk then type
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    Not a typical situation of losing frame...help? How do I come back from tjis

    Get her in the bed naked, and make sure the lights are off. The room has to be really dark. Make her get doggy style at the edge of the bed.... then tag me in, and I'll come out of the closet and lay the D on her for you. We can do this 3 times a week Now let me be clear... I don't want to do...
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    Best ways to increase energy as we get older?

    Pure cocaine
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    Period and chill

    I like a little ketchup on my frank
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    Should I drop my main plate?(UPDATE: Dropped)

    lol at "main" plate... you can't have favorites in this game. That's where you messed up at
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    Does dating/sleeping with lower SMV women lower your own?

    No... women do the same thing all the time, and it doesn't lower theirs at all. I know women that will tell you straight up that they prefer guys that are less attractive then they are
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    Feelings changing with girlfriend

    Captain55 is a troll. I've had him under investigation him since 2019
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    So I tried Adult Friend Finder...

    I used to talk to a chick, who said her ex found his new girlfriend on there, which shocked me. I thought that site was nothing but bots and scammers whenever I saw ads for it, but I guess there are actually some real people on there
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    Nervous breakdown

    Hmm...you went off on a tangent in colas thread, and now I'm seeing this... You're acting like a little b1tch right now lol
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    Side b*tch game.. for the experienced, accomplished men ..

    Daaaaaaaamn. Were you cheated on before? lmao you really went off on him
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    She Never Contacts, Unless I Contact Her First!

    It's better when they wait on your call or text
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    Is this girl an exception?

    Lmao she's just a freak, let her be her self. You'll meet more women like this over time. A girl that really likes me asked me if I wanted to pee on her, after I was standing over her and joked that I was gonna pee on her. Some women are just really into you like that, and are willing to do some...
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    Getting into 30's

    30 gang in this b1tch I just saw deezedbrah is 30 too. We're running sh1t
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    Is this girl an exception?

    Why are you judging her when you're going along with it... you're a freak too. Wouldn't you want your girlfriend to be a super freak like you are
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    Is this girl an exception?

    I can't call it off of just this exchange, I'd need much more context But I'd say just try to appreciate her being this open and direct with you, and don't overthink it