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Recent content by 00Kevin

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    Dealing with a women when she is depressed.

    Ignore it or tell her off? Yes, those are the only two options. Coddling her is the worst damn thing you can do. Pounding her ***** isn't going to work either because she doesn't want you to fix her problems. The best option in my opinion is to just not give a ****.
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    How do you hug chicks?

    I was speaking from experience. I've had great dates with girls that ended with them moving in the direction of the friendzone. My suggestion is tried and true. The girl usually tries to friendzone you the moment she goes to give you a friendly hug for the night. Lets face it, no one...
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    Friendzone - I mucked up massively, Is this salvageable?

    Next! You should already be too busy with the other 10 girls on your list to even worry about her. If she comes back to you on her own, then perhaps you can take some time out of your busy schedule. It's just one girl... chill out and relax.
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    How do you hug chicks?

    You just hug her and then quickly drop one hand down to grope her ass before she puts you into the friends zone.
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    How do you justify getting married?

    I agree, but you will not find a traditional minded woman in western culture that is even worthy of being married. Getting married to one is the equivalent of buying a car that you know is going to completely break down in a year two. Getting married to a western woman is just like...
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    How do you justify getting married?

    There is nothing wrong with marriage, but there is something seriously wrong with the majority of women who want to get married. If you are going to get married then you need to put her to the test. 1. Is she willing to honor your family and change her last name? If not then she will not...
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    Jealousy from Hobbies - Video Games

    @StormScar No need to worry about being too harsh with me. I fully expect that when posting here. :) Truly it's not worth the effort for me to become irritable over this. She has a perception that playing games is something that younger guys and children do. Of course, I reminded her...
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    Holding open doors for women

    The feminist woman does not deserve to have her door opened for her. In fact, they claim to hate it when a man opens the door for them. Don't be a chump. Open the door and demand that your woman act like a lady in return. The reason is that this is when you observe her. A good woman...
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    Jealousy from Hobbies - Video Games

    How do you guys deal with a girl that becomes jealous/controlling over your hobbies? Lets say for example you spend a few hours a week with your hobbies. In my case, it's playing video games that makes my girl jealous. In fact, she has said to me that she is fighting for my attention...
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    Insecure/Jealous men see their woman as property?

    women ARE property. They always have been. It is the natural order of things
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    Removal of Bra

    I had a girl put a bra on with like 10 hooks. Now that wasn't funny. It took a while too. I couldn't one hand it.
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    Removal of Bra

    I had a girl put a bra on with like 10 hooks. Now that wasn't funny. It took a while too. I couldn't one hand it.
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    A formula for Vaginal orgasms?

    Anyone here have any tips on giving your woman a vaginal orgasm? I've read many articles on the net, but I'm just not satisfied with any of the answers. The problem I have right now is that I'm with a girl who can't stop thinking about this one time I was with her. Apparently her body was...
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    How to respond to this text

    put her in the tank for the week and give her another chance next week. if that fails forget about the b-itch for the rest of your life.
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    Using Sex as a Weapon

    A girl said that to me once and I said, "oh so now you are a hooker?" she shut right up