Willing to have an EXTREME diet and cardio to lose weight FAST!!

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ASD :), Jun 21, 2006.

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    In late 2004 I used to weigh about 230 lbs (105kg) - I was really fat, I know. I used to eat a lot of pie, fast food, candies, drink coca cola and pretty much anything. One day I decided it had to be changed. I started to eat 5 times a day, NO pie, NO fast food, NO candies or carbonated drinks - only protein. I also started to hit the gym. After about 6 months, I had lost nearly 50lbs (20kg). I now weighed ~180-185lbs and my body looked pretty fine - could have lost like 10lbs more. What I am trying to say is that I did not do anything extreme and still managed to lose a lot of weight. I also gained some muscle weight so that means I had to lose very much fat. I had a great summer - no need to be embarrassed about my body, I had more stamina than ever before etc.

    After the summer I got really lazy. Did not go to the gym anymore and the diet was forgotten. I was getting fat again. Easy come, easy go, huh? Now the weather is damn hot again, EVERYONE is at the beach full of HBs to sarge swimming and sunbathing. But guess what? I am fat again and it is a major turn-off for any HB. I weigh a bit more than 200lbs, but I have also lost some muscle weight, which means I must have gained a lot of fat. Even my face is much rounder again!

    I cannot run or ride a bike for too long. I have very little stamina. But I am willing to do everything I can and even more to lose as much fat as possible FAST.
    I would be very thankful for some suggestions for diet and cardio schedules. To be honest, I think I am able to lose up to 8-10lbs a week, but I guess that would not be too healthy. Anyway right now losing fat is my top priority, after that I will be hitting the gym again and bulk up.

    What kind of cardio should I do? For how long? What kind of pulse?
    How many times a day should I eat? How much protein? Carbohydrates?

    And again: I am having my holidays so I can dedicate myself fully for losing fat. I am willing to do something extreme if it is gainful!!

    Excuse me for my lousy English as it is my third language.

    Thank you,
    ASD :)
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    Interval running for 5-10 minutes every morning and eating less has always been the easiest way to get cut. The idea is your metabolism is jumpstarted the beginning of each day and you eat & drink enough to keep it going all day.

    If that sounds dull find a cardio sport you like to play and play it a few times a week. If you can't find a free one then sign up for a martial art (fighting sport) that involves cardio.
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    Hey man, good too ur gettin control of your weight, though its dissapointing to hear that u lost it, then put it back on, though, people say it is pretty hard to keep it off, but sure as hell isn't easy.

    About 14 months ago i weighed around 120kgs, i dunno what that is in pounds, cause i'm a aussie. But yeah, i was doing my last year of highschool so that was pretty important for me, and i didn't have time to go to the gym cause i lived to far out of town so it was really inconvenient for me with my studies and all. So what i done, was i just ate healthier, like vegies and fruit, and less of the processed food stuff, i havn't had kfc, macdonalds or any of those fast food things for like, 14 months now.

    So i done this from January till about October, which was the time i finished highschool. At this stage i was around 90Kgs, thats right, just by eating healthier and all the walking around school i lost nearly 30kgs, i was shocked myself, seeing as how i put in **** all effort for it.

    Then i started hitting the gym, my best advice is to speak to the trainer there, i did, i didn't get a personal trainer there, but they recommend the best/safest cardio to go on, and what speed you should be looking at. So if i were u i'd ask them, then go a bit faster than what they recommend, that way you'll burn more fat and feel better.

    But overall i recommend that when going to the gym, just keep going through your routine untill your muscles are aching and tired and you can't lift another weight, u'll feel that good u will wanna go talk to some hot chick straight away.

    And by doing this ur muscles will tone, fat will burn and u'll get results. Thats the best i can offer u man, just do the work.
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    There's no one science to it, and the dropping of fat is a constantly evolving program in and of itself. For instance, the widely held belief is that you can skim 500 calories per day and drop weight to your ideal weight. That works fine if you're heavy to obese, but as you near your "ideal" weight, the metabolism has adaptive protocols that will slow it down and preserve gains, effectively being very "efficient" with calories. This is why people end up slowing their progress a bit from their rapid space, and altogether dumping their program.

    First, I would outline your necessary calorie intake based on your personal factors of Height, Current Weight, Age, and Activity Level. Knowing that number tells you if you're going to gain or lose day to day. Calories matter MOST. What you eat calorically doesn't matter if your numbers are out of whack. 1800 calories of carbs spread out isn't good, but it's alot better than 3200 calories of protein if they're over your maintenance level or goal-levels.

    So find that out. There's programs, books and formulas galore on what your calories needs are.

    Second, increase activity FIRST. Normally, if you pinpoint your calories, or known as TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure Needs), then do exercise, the lack of food won't thrust you into negative territory where the body slows its metabolism. Moreover, you won't feel CHEATED because you're eating less. You might have to eat less than you do now if you're considered heavy, fat, or obese, since eating to that weight is only feeding the fat more, but if you eat to what you SHOULD be, and then do exercises, you won't feel starved and you can adjust the calories and macro-components ONCE you get to 10-15% or lower bodyfat.

    Third, add a blend of weights and cardio. In this day and age, ANY activity is good. Do walking when you're not lifting or riding. Golf, rollerblade, play pick up basketball. Just be active as you were as kids, when playing and buring 500-1000 calories was easy. The "specific" program really isn't critical until you're trying for single digit bodyfat%, and even then, I personally wouldn't want it. Getting to 10% or 12% is easier IF you're always active, know your calories, and eating according to them.

    Fourth, the macro-nutrients should be bent TOWARD protein, fat, and carbs, IN THAT ORDER. The body takes time to create the necessary enzymes to assimilate every-increasing quantities of fat, so if you're eating fats for a month, the body will have more enzymes to breakdown fat than when you began, and your body will then become a fat burning machine, as opposed to a sugar/carb burning machine. The basis for Protein usage is that, your necessary daily intake of calories must be derived from SOMEWHERE, and it's best to bend toward Protein, which can come from Tofu, Nuts, Veggies (though they are low in portion of protein), Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Protein Powder, Steak, Fishes, Oils, etc. There's quite a bit of protein sources. Fats will likely be in your protein sources, and can be found in Peanut Butter, Oils, Avocados, etc.

    Eating excessive carbs which are fine if you're running a marathon the next day or are an athelete who will use the stored glycogen is wasteful and counterproductive to your goals. Too many fruits can over burden the body's insulin over-time and hinder your progress. I wouldn't say don't eat fruit, but wean yourself off the fruit juices and focus on the specific fruits, since they contain the water, fiber, and actual vitamins that you seek, and most fruit juices lack. That, and if you eat the actual fruit, its cheaper by volume, and will fill you up, unlike the fruit juice.


    In my own experience and personal opinion, guys get too fawked up with the PERFECT program and don't realize if they're HIGH in bodyfat, over 20% or more, that ANY activity + a maintenance level of calories WILL lead to a decrease in bodyweight AND fat. You can't HELP but lose some lean muscle. The bigger you are, the less you notice it, the smaller you are, the more you notice it. That's why many times when guys are trying to lean down very low are concerned and take drugs/supplements, because they enable the user to get to 5% when it might otherwise be impossible, or very difficult, even more difficult to maintain over long stretches of time.

    The body tends to LOSE fat and muscle in a 3 to 1 ratio, or of 1lb of bodyweight loss, .75lbs will be fat, and .25lbs will be muscle. That's ok. The biggest metabolizer of calories in your body are your organs and nerves anyways, when you consider what it takes those organs just to maintain life. This is why "resting" muscle isn't as metabolic as previously thought. If you're not doing a whole but sitting there with muscle on, your overall size would grow, but the muscle isn't adding a fantastic bottom line number to your metabolism, since a majority (about 60% or more) comes from the organs. About 10% comes from the actual energy needs just to breakdown food, leaving some 20-30% for the muscle on the body. Activity however, will lead to greater caloric breakdown. And if you're bigger, then the bigger you are, the more you burn. At a resting pace though, you might be slight faster, but not 1000 calories per day faster. Maybe a few 100, at best.

    Don't get caught up in "perfect" programs. And when people say, get your diet under control...they mean, know your calories, know what to eat and when, where to find it, how to prepare it, how to plan for any mishaps or vacations, and understand SOME basic macro nutrient combinations.

    I'd eat about 1.5-2gram your bodyweight in protein (in lbs). So if you're 200lbs, go for at least 350. That's only 1400 calories. The other 600 calories or so would be fats and carbs. Eating that much protein is anabolic AND will help preserve what muscle you have while you're lifting/dieting down. The other remaining calories can be broken down evenly or with a bend toward fats. But make sure you're equaliny your weight in lbs x 1gm at a minimum, even if you can't maintain the pace, then split greater toward fats.

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    Go vegan. Eat beans and brown rice, plain vegetables, and a few handfuls of peanuts and/or walnuts or natural peanut butter to get your fat. That's it, nothing else. You don't even have to limit your portions; the diet is plain enough so that you will not want to stuff yourself. The brown rice fills you up quickly.

    (you asked for extreme)
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    I personally think a pure keto diet (zero carbs) is the fastest way to lose fat. But then again I've little experience with vegan diets so I can't say how they compare.
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