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Discussion in 'Don Juan Tips' started by Dr_Feelgood, Sep 3, 2001.

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    I've been reading this board for a few months, now. I also ordered Doc Loves' "System" a few weeks ago. Until I found the advice offered by Doc Love and the great guys (and girls) on this board, I was clueless. I've learned a lot.

    1. You need to have the right attitude!

    -This is made up mostly of confidence. You can gain so much confidence just
    by reading this board. With the
    knowledge gained, you'll have more
    confidence that you'll do the right
    things in your relationships, and your
    approach to women.

    -For you shy guys (I'm a recovering shy
    guy myself) You have to find the
    motivation to stop yourself from being
    shy. I've found JamesBonds' posts a
    big help in this area.
    Nobody has to be shy. You choose to
    be shy. Don't let fear stop you
    anymore! You have to realize that you
    WILL make mistakes. You WILL fail
    more than you succeed. You WILL get
    rejected a lot, at first. This WILL
    hurt, and it won't happen overnight.
    But, in the end you'll find the pain
    of getting over your shyness is
    sweeter than some of the relationships
    you'll be having.
    You have to work hard to get over
    shyness. No one can do it for you.
    But, you can do it! The work you do
    will build character and confidence.
    It will make you a better man, and
    give you a better life.

    2.You need to have patience and self-control if you're looking for a LTR.

    -If you come on too strong or too fast
    you'll scare her off. Or, worse,
    you'll be seen as weak and desperate.
    -Don't rush things. She sets the pace
    in the relationship. Let her initiate
    touching. Don't rush for a kiss or
    commitment too soon. Wait at least a
    few days to call her early on. (preferably 5 to 9)
    - Don't fall for her too much, too
    soon. If you do, at least don't let
    her know it. Always make her wonder
    where she stands with you. Remember:
    Be a Challenge. If she really likes
    you, she wants to chase you. She
    likes mystery. She likes to feel
    that she has to work to beat the com-
    petition to win you over. Why spoil
    her fun?

    -Remember: You're the prize she has to
    win. List all of the good things
    about yourself. Keep adding to the
    list everyday. Watch you confidence
    grow as the list grows. You'll soon
    see why you're a good catch for any

    3. Don't be a wimp.

    -Don't be afraid to stand up to her and
    say no from time to time. Don't say
    it all the time, just let her know you
    will stand up to her. Let her know if
    she does something you don't like. If
    you're going to keep her, you're going
    to have to keep her respect.

    4. Don't ignore red flags and signs that she's really not interested in you.

    -In case you haven't noticed, she's
    often testing you. How many guys
    test women? We often overlook
    serious character flaws and lack of
    integrity in a woman, because we can't
    get past physical beauty and lust for
    sex. That's fine if all you want is
    a one night stand. But, if you want a
    LTR, you better pay close attention to
    her every word and deed. This will
    save you a lot of time, and heartache.
    -It also helps to learn the signs of
    her having a low interest level in
    you. (I know this from plenty of
    recent experience.) It'll keep you
    from wasting more time and money,
    than you should. And, it'll keep you from looking and feeling like an

    Keep reading this board and working on improving yourself. Then, when you finally find your Mrs. Don Juan, you'll both be glad you did.
    Most of all, have fun with all of this. Life is short, enjoy every day of it.
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    EXELENT ARTICLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A ++++++++

    Confidence is the key to women
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    thanks for the post dude.
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    On The Road to Self-Improvement
    I'm going to have to disagree with you on that one........

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    I'm going to have to agree with Feelgood. But only to a certain point. I wouldnt suggest waiting around for ever for her to initiate touch, but try to make reasons for touch, and the man ought to up it.

    For example I will get into a girls personal zone, to flirt, I may tease them, when they playfully hit me its on.
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    nice post
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    yea nice post, howd you find it? 6 years old!
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    Its in the bible. Lots of old stuff in there

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