Turning a good girl into a freak

Discussion in 'The Mature Man' started by ER!C L!VE, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Jul 19, 2004
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    Is it possible to turn a good girl into a freak?

    I've come across a few younger girls who aren't quite sure what they are yet as they have had limited experience with guys.

    Example: One girl came over last night who I knew was a 'good' girl. Not the type to put out without commitment.

    She allowed me to suck her boobies, but wouldn't let me make out with her or go down her pants (wtf)....

    Anyhoo... is it a combo of puting in more time and persistence that would allow me to 'crack' the code, or more communication as to what I want or ??

    I can tell that I would be able to do her probably in a few weeks, but I'm so fvcking impatient that I don't want to wait that long.

    This girl is 19, I'm 30. She's only had sex with one other guy before...and her first time was about 3 months ago....=\


  2. Dark Nimbus

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    Jan 20, 2002
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    Buddy, you'll appreciate her making you wait once you've had enough hoes like Mysterywoman in your life :D

    I went out on a 2nd date last night with this chick who is turning out to be quite a challenge, and I'm actually enjoying it. I only got a hug out of her on the 1st date and I went for the kiss last night at the end and she did the head turn so I kissed her on the cheek. The funny part is I know (she told me) that she finds me really attractive and I got in an arguement with her on MSN once which got pretty bad and told her to delete me off her list and I'll be out of her life for good, and she wouldn't do it. After I got tired of arguing with her it went like this:

    ME: listen, I'll make this easy for you, just right click on my name on MSN and you'll see a little thing pop up that says "delete contact" ;)
    HER: i'm not deleteing u
    ME: Why not?
    HER: because i'm going out w/ u tomorrow
    ME: lol, oh really?
    HER: yup
    ME: and where will you be taking me out?
    HER: well, u'll be taking my out somewhere and we'll decide it tomorrow

    Anyways, back on topic, yeah of course you can turn a nice girl into a freak. All girls are freaks when you push the right buttons. I turned this 18yr old sweet virgin chick into a fvck buddy/booty call who I don't even need to have foreplay with anymore. I didn't even have to work hard at it, I was honest with her and told her I don't really want a relationship, and she knows I've been dating other girls on the side. I was exactly in your shoes on the 2nd date with her, where I sucked her titties and made out but she wouldn't take her pants off. That lead to over an hour of fun wrestling on the floor trying to undo her belt ;) On the 3rd date I slept with her, and now around 8 months later she's up for ANYTHING I ask her.

    Stop thinking of girls as innocent sweet things, because they're not. They'll cheat on you, get freaky on you, play games with your head, or whatever given the right incentive.
  3. Player_Supreme

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    No, the only thing you can do is uncover her freakish limits. Some girls are just freaks. They didn't get enough attention from daddy and they will do anthing for male attention...or they just love male attention.

    The one common thing about freaks is that they LOVE TO FAWK!!! THEY LOVE SEX

    They tend to be multi-orgasmic. Many of them start heavily masterbating at very young ages.

    Now if you have the skills of a pimp then the world is your oyster. But for the average joe...good luck.
  4. CapiCrimini

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    Aug 20, 2004
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    I believe the song goes.

    Good little girls make some mighty wild women


    Songs by Blue Country


    P.S. That should answer your question ;)
  5. MichaelangelloB

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    Aug 30, 2004
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    old enuff
    I believe ALL women are freaks, some just need all the emotional reassurance crap before they let loose. Some good girls have to be extreamly comfortable with you and know you're "the one" before they let loose.

    Of course that's not what guys wanna hear, as we are all like you--impatient.

    It's the real religious one's, the one's that want to wait till marrage that turn out to be the biggest freaks, because they have all that bottled up sexual energy they've been told to supress, but once they've made up their minds and they know it's ok to go wild, they do.

    I'd say to turn a good girl into a freak you've either gotta lie to her and make her think that she's the one so she finds that comfortability, or just be in it for the long hall; but who knows you may just get lucky.
  6. Zonder

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    Sep 19, 2004
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    Boogie Street
    you already have what you want

    What PS means by the division of girls into 3 categories (I think) are the three ways you can seduce them, the three different sets of values. This is not a manual on how they are in bed but how to get them in bed. All chicks like sex. All chicks like diversity in bed (often from the same man).

    By turning a good girl into a freak, which might be impossible for adults, you will only get someone who values excitement over anything else, including YOURSELF. You will get a girl who will willingly cheat on you just out of curiosity for the other guy (remember, now as a freak sexual diversity and excitement are more valuable than a lasting relationship). She will also dump you if the guy is rich and travels a lot (going to different countries is more important for her than a lasting relationship with you). If you want a freak, you can just pick one up and have sex with her right away. Judging by your question this is not what you want.

    You don't want a freak, you want a girl who is very sexual. You have literally no problem. All girls are extremely sexual. When the girls becomes convinced you are going into a relationship, she will do anything you want her to in bed anyway. It will be for her just part of the relationship (which is what is important for her). If the girl had put sexuality ahead of relationship you could have had a freak. Either way, you win :cool:
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    Have you ever heard of the old saying that you can't turn a ho into a housewife? The same is true about turning a good girl into a freak. She either is a freak or has some freak in her or she doesn't. Let's say she is a good girl with a little freak in her. If your game is tight and you can put her in a relaxed, sexual state of mind when she is with you, then you can bring the natural freak out of her. But you can't turn someone into something they're not, it has to be there already.

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