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Discussion in 'Don Juan Tips' started by Rubato, Feb 14, 2012.

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    My dad was watching an episode of Star Trek TOS and I noticed this particular scene from the episode Space Seed.... Those unfamiliar with Star Trek may want to watch the clip from the beginning, but the link I've included, I think, shows Khan acting in a very alpha, masculine way with the woman:

    For me, seeing behavior means a lot more to me than reading about it.
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    Space Seed was my favorite Star Trek episode when I was a kid, me and my dad would always stay up to watch the old episodes on Nick at Night.

    Khan was a badass, that's for sure. There is another scene where the young female yeoman comes into Khan's quarters and he says, "You rearranged your hair for me." Even as a kid, I thought that was amazing and it has always stuck with me.
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    Different Trek characters are Alpha, but for different reasons IMO:

    Kirk - typical ladies man, had charisma. He was Alpha since had the looks and the presence/character to attract.

    Picard - wise, the seat of reason, and could reason out almost any situation. He was Alpha since decision-making and being seen as a sound/astute mind lends to good leadership skills. An Alpha is a leader above all else.

    Sisko - No nonsense, took no ****, bold and brazen. goes for itself, since being Alpha is about showing confidence and being in control (and showing others who is boss).
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    An Alpha is a leader above all else....

    Exactly ilikecharlene!

    Being "Alpha" all boils down to being a leader. Now you have different types of leaders, all with different characteristics, which you effectively pointed out in your post.

    I'd just like to add that so many guys focus on copying or mimicking the mannerisms of a dominate male (A.K.A. Alpha Male). While there is nothing wrong with this, I think men would be far more effective if they let their own individual qualities emerge, rather than simply copying the behavior of another. In other words, just be yourself (I know some may cringe after reading that last sentence, but that's what game ultimately comes down to). If you can confidently and assertively express yourself without apology, you'll be "alpha," and there are different ways to be alpha, as ilikecharlene wrote.
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    To be honest. When you put all this Alpha shiet.

    In the end.

    The Alpha male has these characteristics

    -Self worth

    I'm gonna go religous and say Jesus Christ was hell of an Alpha Male. He never even raised hand on somebody, yet he was a leader. A Spiritual Leader.

    Thus. Just don't be a pushover, and be confident.

    Other quallites should be your own.

    This is my personal opinion though.

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