Sexy women = hors?

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Women who are dressed sexy, are they attention hors?

  1. That's how you recognize them by distance! (yes)

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  2. It depends! (maybe)

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  3. Don't be paranoid, she's just hot! (no)

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  1. Blue Phoenix

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    Jul 23, 2004
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    Another Dimension
    Maybe my post is simple.

    But I'm having a pet peeve about girls that are always VERY well dressed, sexy.

    One of these girls played me really well.

    I saw another girl at college that is extremely sexy, wears make up, but maybe she's not a hor.

    What can you tell me about your experiences?

    Women who are dressed really sexy, Are they attention hors?

    Do they just want an ego boost?
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  2. Player_Supreme

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    Women who are dressed really sexy, Are they attention hors?

    According to a e-book women come in 3 types:

    The Three Types of Women: The Ho, The Freak and the Good Girl

    "Once you have the ability to discern what a woman's true personal core consists
    of, you know on what basis to interact with her. This is the root to handling a woman to
    your satisfaction - knowing her basic type before you get involved. If you don't realize
    her true type, you automatically are at a disadvantage in your involvement with her - you are off-base and unable to properly evaluate her actions according to her true type.

    Here is an example of why this is so fundamentally important. If you are
    involved with a woman who has a penchant for being flirtatious with other men there are completely different reasons for her being that way, depending on her basic type. If she is a Ho, she's being flirtatious with the idea of making some money in mind. If she's a Freak, it's because she desires to "play," or to reassure herself as to her desirability. If she's a Good Girl, she could be attempting to arouse in you feelings of jealousy, which will reassure her that you care for her. If you show jealousy to a Good Girl, she feels more yours, more secure in your relationship. If you show jealousy to a freak, it shows her that she has you under control, and weakens your control over her.

    And if you are the one being flirted with, not being able to discern the type of
    woman flirting with you could have negative ramifications. If you read into a Good Girl's
    flirtation that you can "get something done" with her, if you mistake her for a Freak and think she actually, if persuaded properly, will have
    sex with you, you will be badly disappointed when she draws a line she will not
    cross with you as far as intimacy goes. If you react to a Freak's flirtations thinking she is a Good Girl, you will be considered "too serious" for her, or not sexually adventurous enough and she is turned off. And if you don't realize a Ho is a Ho, and her flirtations with you are to get you to spend your money, and not because of you per se, you run the risk of getting your feelings hurt-along with your wallet."

    So, you can see the importance of being correct with your observations. Your
    proper diagnosis of a girl's true basic type could prove as beneficial to your mental health as a doctor's proper diagnosis to your physical well-being.
    Properly determining a girl's basic type is possible by thorough knowledge of
    each type's main characteristics, and mentally evaluating a woman much the same way as a baseball scout would evaluate a prospect for the team; close observation of not only
    major or overt actions but also small details, habits, idiosyncrasies and mindset exhibited.
    Through continued practice and experience, you will be able to "scout out" good, hot
    prospects for your team."


    It's hard to leave a point not at least detailed enough that it makes
    some type of mutha ****in sense
    Some of
    this stuff is like the Mercedes-Benz safety innovations - too important to keep under
    patent. Such a simple clarification in your mind as to what type of girl you are dealing
    with - Ho, Freak or Good Girl - makes all the difference in the world sometimes between
    great success or abject failure. Not distinguishing this is the number one cause of mutha ****a’s
    getting the "you're too nice for me"

    Which TYPE of Biatch are you ****ing with?


    When you look to get married, you are not going to retire from the battle of the
    sexes; you are going to select your lifelong opponent!
    Woe to the man who loses control of the woman after married. To those who
    are reading this and have already felt the pain of the legal dissolution of an emotional
    commitment -divorce- you have my heartfelt sympathy, but too bad ya shoulda known.

    They weren't inadequate - they were just simply dealing with a Freak or a Ho
    instead of a Good Girl! And some *****es will hide the type they know they are on purpose!
    Learn the details of the Three Basic Types, and make sure You are not
    the one played for a foo…!

    Let's detail the Three Basic Types of Women.

    It is absolutely necessary to know the type of a woman - Ho, Freak, or Good
    Girl - you are targeting for your pimping attention.

    No woman is 100 % of any one type - for example, you can catch a Good Girl's
    attention with a display of wealth (that’s your clout), but her bottom line is that she's at least going to have to feel she can grow to love you over time, because a Good Girl will not marry you just for your money. But a Good Girl is the type that will marry you even if you don't have anything but love for her. This is the type of girl that gives a man inspiration to achieve in life; she makes it worth going out into the world for, and enjoyable to come home to.

    If a man mistakes her for a Freak, whose bottom line is the new and exciting,
    usually sexual experience; the type to whom the worst fate imaginable is to be bored - if
    he misplays the Good Girl because he's been told that all women are the same, or, worse, he hasn't been told that they are NOT all the same and in exactly what way are they different - and just focuses on her sexually, then eventually his money is not going to be enough to keep her; finding love is a Good Girl's bottom line.

    A Ho may marry a man for his money (a lot of Hoes have only one client - their
    husband!) and even if he is old and frail and unable to perform sexually, she will not
    jeopardize her position for mere sexual satisfaction by cheating on him; the Ho's bottom
    line is wealth and/or status. A lot of cheerleaders in high school are hoes-in-training,
    selling out to the top athlete in order to gain the currency of popularity.
    And of course we here on the pn know about the common ordinary street ho and her motivations.
    A freak is where we want to put our aspiring pimpin attention to!
    A Freak may be attracted to a wealthy man, or a man who shows a lot of clout and even if he is, Bling Bling, and she is married to him, she still would risk getting
    divorced because of the excitement of having sex with the bodyguard under a boardwalk
    pier. To a Freak, the new and exciting, usually sexual, is her bottom line. That's why
    boredom is so intolerable to this type girl, and she will risk danger to experience the
    taboo or forbidden simply because to her it's exciting, and "something to do".
    But even Freaks have a sense of convention and a female desire for security -
    remember, no ***** is 100 % of any type - it is the bottom-line choices that she makes that shows her true type.

    "About the age of twenty-five or so, a Freak will start to look for someone to
    settle down with. She almost always desires a "symp" (a male who allows the woman to
    be dominant mentally), not a man, because a symp will allow her to continue her freak
    way of constantly seeking male attention. This explains why you see beautiful girls
    married to average-looking guys - she can easily control him - she can easily control him, and therefore the relationship, by making him feel his ass
    is "lucky" to have her because other beauty. She may not necessarily have sex with
    another man after she's married, but neither she nor that po..fool, can ever be truly sure
    she won't. This is the type that is susceptible to the office or work affair. Over a period of time the nature of the Freak and her actions have a corrosive effect on the male's ego. If you do divorce the biatch, your prenuptial may keep your wallet intact, but it does nothing for the damage to your ego and pride. If you have money and are going to allow a woman to marry you for it, better a Ho than a Freak. Both choices, however, are bad.

    "But, lots of times guys are willing to sacrifice their pride and control over the
    woman they **** with in order to obtain one that is extremely beautiful and attractive. Not us mutha ****a’s of course!
    This is a personal decision a male must make for himself. A Freak is capable of
    innocently, by her nature, conducting herself with other men in a way that is
    borderline "come-on". In other words, she is capable of giving off the impression to other
    men that, although she is with you, she is still available sexually to them if the right
    buttons are pushed. Again, she may not actually be available, but her nature requires her to give that impression in order to receive the level of male attention she needs to verify her desirability.

    "Freaks are sometimes able to learn Ho behavior, but it is against basic type and
    usually results in psychological conflict. Eventually she may cease from actually giving
    access to her sex for money, but is comfortable with such things as posing naked for
    photography, or doing strip routines in nightclubs, things that are sexually provocative
    but do not require her to actually have impersonal sex for money. Girls who are
    "****teasers" are Freaks. She might "give it up", she might not. How much do you want
    her and what are you willing to do for it to reaffirm her desirability is her criteria for

    "That attitude is at the crux of the Freak's nature - her need for personal
    recognition and a constant reaffirmation other femininity.
    When you attempt to get more than what a Freak gives sexually, by trying to turn the
    relationship into a deep emotional commitment, not only will you be unsuccessful, but
    also you will spoil the sex you're getting, because it will be time for her to move on and
    find someone else to "fall in love" with. Or worse, she will allow you to get deeply
    emotionally involved so that she can enjoy the thrill of going through the wedding
    process, itself something new and exciting "to do". Unfortunately, lots of times when this
    particular new thrill wears off, so does the marriage."
  3. Player_Supreme

    Player_Supreme Banned

    Apr 3, 2003
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    One of the main sources of frustration men have with women is one they create
    for themselves by treating a woman against type. If, early in the interaction, you treat a
    Freak as a Good Girl, a woman who wants love and loyalty, that's when you get the
    brush-off as "a nice guy" or "too serious" or "I just want to be friends". It wasn't that you
    were too nice, it was that you were too nice with the wrong type girl! Your approach
    would have worked perfectly with a Good Girl, who herself wanted a nice guy who was

    Beware of any advice that does not specifically address the basic types of
    women in how you approach them. Not all women are the same, so all techniques do not
    work the same on all women! Unless the technique and strategy you are being told about is specifically directed toward one of the three types of women, how can it be guaranteed to be effective?

    It's amazing how easily handling women becomes if you know her true basic
    type. Like sports, a solid grounding in the fundamentals will get you results if you learn
    the right techniques to make you effective. This is why we here at pn network gotta get our skilz together and learn all that we can about handling *****es and reversing the game

    ---Arthur Gordon

    Oh, I have added my comments to this guys message which I originally posted on the pimps network.
  4. Blue Phoenix

    Blue Phoenix Master Don Juan

    Jul 23, 2004
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    Another Dimension

    My appreciations Player_Supreme.

    "Your" article is true. I've been hurt because I'd confused a freak with a good girl. That's why I ended up being played.

    Your collaboration was really good.

    And what about the others? What have you seen guys?

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