Recovering from a failed text solicitation for afternoon bang

Discussion in 'Don Juan Tips' started by HalfPUAHalfAFC, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Here's a situation where the advice to (1) never apologize and (2) flip the script worked to salvage a plate today.

    I work at home a few days a week. Today, I was lining up a date for this evening but this also got me thinking it would be fun to have a lunch time quicky with a chick I banged last week.

    So, I text her: "You get a lunch break? You should come over"

    Her (two hours later): "If all you want is sex, then you are looking in the wrong place"

    Me (20 minutes later): "I guess I am going to have to eat my pan of lasagna by myself"

    Her: (5 minutes later): Ha ha

    Her: (2 hours later, hamster spinning): "If I made the wrong assumption, I apologize. Just seemed like the case"

    Will ignore for a while. Of course all I'm interested in is sex with her. Not girlfriend material.

    Anyway, hold frame, deflect, flip the script, etc. If you try a gambit with a text for sex and you do it vaguely/non-explicitly, if they call you on it, you can turn it around and keep her around for another bang.

    Funny, it was bugging her for the last few hours. She had to send that last text to keep ME interested.
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    Good example of turning things around. I did the same thing once, but mine was 'watch the hockey game' (our university team was playing).

    As a tangent, I often use food as an excuse for her to come over.

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