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How to get rid of your insecurities forever

Discussion in 'Don Juan Tips' started by legolas, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. legolas

    legolas Master Don Juan

    Feb 2, 2003
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    Red Sox Nation
    What is an insecurity?

    Insecurity is the habit of doubting yourself and your abilities. You feel inadequate and inferior. You feel like everybody else knows more than you, has more friends than you, has better skills than you and in general is better than you.

    There are some key issues when it comes to insecurity:

    1. Measuring yourself to others or to an arbitrary “standard”

    Insecure people have a habit of measuring themselves to others or to some arbitrary standards and when they see they don’t measure up, they feel bad about themselves. Even worse some people measure themselves to an ideal or perfect self. They set themselves up to be judged against unrealistic expectations.

    I don’t like sports metaphors but they serve to deliver the point better. If Kobe Bryant or LeBron James measured themselves against Michael Jordan, they would feel extremely inadequate and lose their confidence. Why? Because for every game where they don’t feel Jordan-like they would beat themselves up mentally and try harder. What happens when an athlete tries too hard? Disaster!!

    Instead if you listen to their comments when a reporter brings up the comparison? They invariably say: “Mike was a great player one of the best out there but I will never be like Mike? Why? Because I’m LeBron and all I can be is the best LeBron possible.”

    While they realize the need to improve themselves, they invariably refuse to measure themselves against a standard. They will strive to be the best they can possibly be by improving their game but they will not measure themselves against someone else.

    2. Lack of self-acceptance

    Typically people who feel insecure about themselves have things about themselves that bother them that they hate or don’t like. This follows the idea of the first point. When you compare yourself to others you do it because you’re rejecting yourself on some level and refusing to believe that you’re good enough.

    For example one guy thinks he’s too short for women to find him interesting, another guy thinks he’s too fat to go out and meet people.

    These things are the holes in your foundation that undermine your confidence. No matter how hard you try to ignore them, hide them or pretend they’re not there they will continue to chip away at your confidence in the background and ultimately bring down the house.

    There are two things I want to make very clear about accepting your perceived limitations. First it would be stupid to use the excuse of “working on these issues” to prevent yourself from taking action. We’ll talk about this more later. Second, just because you have these issues that bother you it doesn’t mean that you won’t take care of them at some point. Acknowledging them and then figuring out a way to deal with them is the first step to improvement.

    You want to get to a point where you’re completely comfortable with them. It doesn’t mean that you stop to improving yourself, it means that you get to a point mentally where these limitations and shortcomings no longer affect you emotionally. They don’t make you sad, depressed or angry at yourself. In a way you make peace with them and you become comfortable with who you are.

    3. Denial

    Probably the absolute worst thing you can do with these insecurities and perceived limitations is to deny them, ignore them or overcompensate for them. When you do this what ends up happening is that if someone insults you on one of these “hot buttons” you’ll almost always have an emotional reaction, either an outburst or a retreat with the tail between your legs.

    For example:

    Reporter: “But aren’t you too short to play?”

    Guy in denial: “What are you talking about? I’m not short. I’m fine.” He then proceeds to try too hard to impress people to show them that his height is not really an issue (when it clearly is) and ends up hurting himself.

    In fact if you notice in social circles or in conversations people will try to push your hot buttons and try and get any sort of reaction from you just for their own entertainment or whatever. If you pay careful attention when you get the other person to cry, get angry or any sort of emotional outburst people will generally respect that person a lot less than they did before. However if the insult or joke doesn’t faze you, if you laugh at it, make a joke yourself or generally treat it as a non-issue then people will respect you more.

    How to solve these issues

    1. Self Acceptance

    Self acceptance if the right way to start dealing with them. It’s really simple. If it’s not an issue with you, it won’t be an issue with anybody else.

    You start by accepting yourself so you can build a solid base, a mental platform which you can then use as a springboard to improving yourself. It means that you become a lot more genuine and a lot more comfortable with yourself which is a prerequisite to lifelong confidence.

    Now acceptance has a little bit of a negative connotation because it implies that you give up trying the change yourself. This is incorrect. Acceptance in this context has more to do with coming to terms with something, acknowledging it and then figuring out a way to deal with it right then and there. This step is crucial!! Without this step acceptance means giving up.

    The solution that you come up with doesn’t have to be a permanent one. It could be a “quick and dirty” temporary thing that you do until the issue is taken care of, or it could be a permanent solution which you get done once and then forget about. The secret is for you to fully accept that this is the best solution available to you right now.

    Now there are some things that you cannot fix, like physical limitations. For example if you lost a limb in an accident or if you’re forced to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. While modern medicine has made tremendous progress, it doesn’t mean that you should be depressed until you find a solution. You have to learn to acknowledge it and make it a non-issue.

    2. Reframing

    One thing you can do right away is to reframe the issue in a positive way. “Yes I am the shortest guy on the team, but I’m also the most energetic one. I’m the human battery that keeps this team going.” This is also an excellent way to realize your unique value in the process or the situation because every limitation is excellent grounds for realizing your unique value and contribution to every single situation. How’s that for a reframe!!

    As an exercise make a list of all the things that you currently hate or don’t like about yourself. Include as many things as you can think of, go as deep as you can go, add things that you know have an emotional effect on you.

    Then look at that list, acknowledge them and work on accepting them and making peace with them. You should strive to get to a point where you feel ok with them and you feel they don’t affect you anymore.

    Realize that this may not happen on the first try or on the tenth try. This is ok. It’s part of the process to learn how to be ok with your own limitations and shortcomings. For example if you are short and skinny but have aspirations of playing in the NBA you have to come to terms with the fact that it’s never going to happen.

    Yes there probably were people who refused to let their limitations define their life and what they could and couldn’t do and you shouldn’t be discouraged. You just have to come to terms with that possibility and move on. If your desire is strong and your absolutely 100% committed to doing it then it may work out but you need to realize that it won’t be easy.

    Read more articles like this on my new blog: http://artfulseduction.com
  2. Lexington

    Lexington Master Don Juan

    Aug 23, 2008
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    Someone here posted an article in which the author said it was a good idea to always remind yourself, "no matter what I do, there will always be people who are smarter, more successful, better looking and swinging bigger d*cks than me." I think it's a good exercise in acceptance.
  3. lurker

    lurker Senior Don Juan

    Sep 9, 2005
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    orange country holland
    evrything the op said was on point,
    except how exactly do you deal with this issue, thats were the tricky aspect comes to play.

    its always good like lexingting said-you must get used to the fact that there will be guys better looking than you, smarter than you,guys with bigger ****s than you, guys richer than you, guys women find more attractive than you, guys stronger than you.

    this was an issue for me a couple of years ago, i was constantly comparing my self to others and lack of self acceptance and confidence. i was goodlooking but in my mind that wasnt enough,. even contemplated plastic surgery (lol). i do commercial modeling by the way. catalogues and adverts (not high fashion, it always annoyed me i didnt have that so called high-fashion look).
    but anyway always, i'd compare my self to other guys,i'd get nervous if a better looking one came in the club or around girls i was trying to game i'd get jealous if a see a guy with a hot looking chick and guys and women used my jealousy to toy with my emotions weather they new it or not. in short it was hell for me my envy and jealous was eating me alive i had to end it. how did i solve it?

    it's all about desire,. the desire to be liked, and loved or accepted. desire is a sinister thing, i,v helped 2 guys with this same technique.
    the solution is to eliminated all means in which you use to get desire.
    i.e all means of self fullfillment,
    because desire in reality is searching for self fulfilment.
    desire cant be eliminated,
    but try attacking the means of which you use to get acceptance.

    what exactly are means of self fullfillment.
    its any item you use to get attention.
    some use. muscles, designer clothing,expensive cars,jewery. anything you use to get attention.
    im not advocating dressing like a loser, but to minimize these things.
    reduce the amount of time spent at the gym,i go gyming 2ice a week only for 15 minutes a session. unlike before i'd spent 3 hours a session and 5 days a week. just to impress women.
    for god sake i got women staring at me even though their boyfriends look and dress better than me, i cant understand why?. i dress down but i dont dress whack.
    rather than buy a thousand dollar jacket or watch , why not buy the one for 400 dollars i mean hey 400 dollars aint cheap. that way you trick your mind into not always wanting to compete with other guys. its works.
    rather than buy a ferrari, why not a covert. obviously if you drive an expensive car or wear expensive clothes becos you like it for your own personall reasons then its no problem. as long as it's not a means of selffullfillment. how about not wearing jewery, jewery is a means of self fulfilment.
    im 26 now and glad i got over this before it got too late.

    dont buy things for others buy things because you like em. try controlling lust,
    lust also, its the major source of envy, your lust for women(dont watch porn)
    and your desire to be liked. **** i might as well make this a tip.
  4. facadegeniality

    facadegeniality Don Juan

    Apr 10, 2008
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    i bookmarked this thread...i really need this advice now.
  5. Ease

    Ease Master Don Juan

    Jul 23, 2009
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    This is true. There's always gona be guys to compete with you, and they will have things you dont.

    The truth to dealing with it, is not doubting yourself. In the end, you're always better.

    Guys with more money, status, looks. But your still the king and you have your swagger- you're not gona lose.
  6. enrike

    enrike New Member

    May 6, 2009
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    On the Dokkōdō.
    This topic deserves a bump.
  7. LoC

    LoC New Member

    Jul 2, 2014
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    Well said. I'm glad you got to your senses before things got out of hand. You don't need to spend a fortune to be accepted in this world - those who believe you do - may not be worth hanging with in the first place, because thats not real. I perfer genuine, honest and kind men - yeah, one would need to be physically attracted to their other half - but looks are unimportant/subjective. Anyway, great post. Insecurities are hard to over come, but not impossible. Accepting oneself for who they are is first and foremost - once one achieves that - then the world will follow. Hope all is well, since you wrote this post - twas many moons ago.
  8. LoC

    LoC New Member

    Jul 2, 2014
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    Don Juan

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    LoC is on a distinguished road

    Well said. I'm glad you got to your senses before things got out of hand. You don't need to spend a fortune to be accepted in this world - those who believe you do - may not be worth hanging with in the first place, because thats not real. I perfer genuine, honest and kind men - yeah, one would need to be physically attracted to their other half - but looks are unimportant/subjective. Anyway, great post. Insecurities are hard to over come, but not impossible. Accepting oneself for who they are is first and foremost - once one achieves that - then the world will follow. Hope all is well, since you wrote this post - twas many moons ago.
  9. VeganSuperman

    VeganSuperman New Member

    Jul 27, 2014
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    I find that a lot of what you write you don't really encounter anymore when you begin to let go of old attachments to toxic elements from your upbringing in general and focus on your greater desires and goals in life - including self-maintenance and when one works to be the greatest version of themselves.

    I have noticed as i progressed to a more fitness+health+metaphysically oriented lifestyle those types of people don't exist anymore, people who tend to work on themselves including their mind and their body usually also realign their soul into a more based individual and have a better perception on life.

    The people you attract are much more quality in terms of agreeableness when one also does the work.

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