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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rubato, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any tips on getting better at basketball..... beyond the obvious, practicing :p

    I've been getting together with my bros and playing about once a week and I mean, I really suck. I have never been good at it, but I got together with my little brother tonight and got killed by a bunch of freshmen in high school.

    The only things I have going for me are that I'm not short, I have a lot of cardiovascular endurance and can outrun just about everyone... and that's about it. My ball handling sucks, I can't shoot very well at all, and I don't really understand the way the good players set up their plays. About the only thing I can do is make assists and guard fairly well without fouling, which is important, but I'd like to be better than the suckiest player on the court.

    I don't just want to go outside and shooting baskets are trying to dribble the ball because I don't want to practice bad form/technique. Any advice here? Thanks.
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    You have to fix your ball handling that's more important that learning how to shoot and doing lay-ups. If you have no ball handling you are useless on the court.

    Do a lot of dribbling skills, learn how to use your right and left hand and when dribbling don't stare at the ball.

    Shooting can be practiced on your spare time or just by playing more. Obviously the side 3 point line shots are going to be the hardest so start practicing shooting from in front of the basketball and then start moving to the sides. Practice backboard shots and shots without the backboard.

    For layups you just have to practice in game because whenever you make a layup you have someone guarding you.

    As for specific tactics and plays, either watch NBA or get some friends to teach you basic stuff like 'pick and roll.'
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    Everything starts with good form. Start from the basics. Footwork, handling and work your way up. You can't get good at something if the foundation isn't there in the first place.
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    I'm tall (6-2), but I'm a horrible shooter! But I can hustle. I'm also in great cardiovascular shape, and I can move my 230 lbs pretty well. So I focus on doing the menial stuff that most players would rather avoid-- defense and rebounds and setting picks. I usually defend the opponent's biggest guy, so that means I have to defend underneath the basket, where it gets really physical. you have to be able to challenge every shot and have the desire to rebound missed shots--on defense and offense.

    Offensive rebounds are a great way to earn your teammates' respect.

    I hardly ever score, but I'm rarely outrebounded, and I usually get at least a few blocks per game (squats and calf raises help to elevate a guy's vertical jump). I also collect a lot of loose balls and use my size to set some nice picks for the guys on the perimeter.
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    Sounds like you should be in the post anyway. Practice some head fakes, up-and-unders, and hook shots. You shouldn't need more than two dribbles down there.
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    With anything its best to start learning the basics first. Ball handling or dribbling should be a top priority. Practice dribbling one ball using both hands alternatively as hard and fast as you can. You can do this for one hand (other hand behind back) dribbling, crossovers and behind the back. For shooting work on form and remember that power should come mostly from your legs. Also work on low post moves. Do this by watching other players your size such as dwight Howard, pau gasol, and hakeem olajuwon, the dream shake is still very effective and relatively easy to do. Practicing by just playing is great but never underestimate practicing by yourself.

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