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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by warrior1, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Has anyone ever had this problem that after you eat something but you probably didn't chew the whole thing but it went in... but you still feel it stuck in your throat? Like I am swallowing my saliva now and I feel it stuck in my throat.

    Last time this happened, i had to "throw up" intentionally to get it out. It took me a lot of times. It always looks like some smashed form of peanuts... its not peanuts but it looks like it... not sure if i am saying it correctly. Does anyone ever have this problem? Last time I had it stuck in my throat for like 2 weeks and finally one night i got it out when i started trying to throw it out and finally it got out.

    I just cannot stand it b/c i everytime i just swallow just my swallow, i feel this small piece of food stuck in my throat. Anyone know what i can do? I trried throwing up so many times and still could not get it out. tyvm.

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    they have these water washer things out that you can buy, similiar to what the dentist uses to rinse your mouth out when there cleaning. Can use that to shoot the food out.
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    yes, it happens to me, its friggin annoying!!!! It happened to me last wednesday.

    I think its cuz my throat is small or something. It happens the worse with meat and rice, things that don't dissolve well. I always make sure to chrew thoroughly and eat slow with those.

    Here is a technique I use. If its bread or something soft, I take a very very small sip of water (I estimate 3-10 ml) and use that small ammount of water to push the food through. I think that water helps dissolve the food alittle. Its its meat, that small amount water will only help to throw up.

    It you have to throw up, take small sips of water that might push the food through.
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    Not sure if this is related or the same problem but everytime I eat something I have to constantly clear my throat which becomes annoying and it feels like I have something in my throat all the dam time.

    I had an X-Ray and all came back clear so I don't know what the hell this is but it sucks.

    I know years ago I used smokeless tobbaco it got so freaking addictive I actually would spit back if you get my drift and would go through about two boxes of Skoal a day. I finally kicked the habit cold turkey and haven't used since 1995 but I wonder sometimes if maybe this somehow messed my throat up and goes undetected by X-Rays or something.

    Man looking back I even used this stuff while kissing women. I formed a deep pocket in my jaw area that made it unnoticeable and there I'd be walking around with two big pinches in my jaw spitting back and no one would even know I chewed. Dam what a mess and the ladies I dated then would say they loved the mint taste in my mouth not knowing it was Skoal lol!


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