A user's guide to Speed Seduction (by Ross Jeffries)

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    I found the following in the ASF archives, which means it is in the public domain. Ross himself posted this there about 3 years ago. Since it is avaliable to the public, (which doesn't mean it is not copyrighted) I can post it here as well. Enjoy

    btw, I am not Ross Jeffries (hehehe)

    A User's Guide To Speed Seduction ®


    Since I first created Speed Seduction® back in 1993, I've had the
    benefit of talking to hundreds and hundreds of students about their
    various challenges and questions using the material.

    During that time, we've not only improved the material, but the ability
    of myself and the team of folks who help me to effectively teach it and
    help you, the student, teach yourself.

    This guide will serve both as an update to the course you've purchased
    and as a guide through some of the more common "sticking" points.

    As you find yourself using this guide and growing more and more excited
    about the clarity and power it will provide you, isn't it wonderful to
    realize that the Speed Seduction® team really IS here for you, and really
    does care that you use the material to enjoy and change your life?

    Enough intro and let's get to the meat of this guide.(Hee hee..sorry..I
    just couldn't resist!)

    Ross Jeffries
    Marina Del Rey, California
    December, 1999
    "Understanding is a three-edged sword"Š.Ambassador Kosh

    Part I: Important Things To Get Right At The Start

    The following understandings represent ways to clear up the most common
    misconceptions and problems that students I have talked with typically
    encounter. As you read these things, and begin to get more and more clear
    on the right way to make this material work for you, you'll notice how
    quickly and easily you feel better and better about your ability to apply
    this material, enjoyably and naturally!

    Understanding #1: The Patterns Are Only Examples!

    As Major Mark and I have said over and over again in seminars, the
    patterns sure are wonderful. Whether it's the Blammo, the Blow Job, the
    tried and true "Discovery Channel" or any one of so many patterns now in
    the Speed Seduction ® material, it is important to realize they are only
    examples. They are examples of the kinds of communication that open and
    stimulate a woman to give her the deep emotional and imaginative
    experiences that she longs for.

    Can the patterns, used word for word as we teach them, work for you? Of
    course! That's what they are designed to do!

    But it is equally important to use the patterns as a teaching tool for
    yourself. To give yourself opportunities to learn about the types of
    communications that really stimulate women and give them what they really
    long for.

    Think of the patterns as training wheels; when you first learned to
    ride a bicycle more than likely you did it with FOUR wheels, and NOT two.
    Once you learned the basics of balance and forward momentum; once you got
    "the feel" of things, the training wheels were removed and perhaps after a
    few falls, off you went!

    Same with the patterns you'll find in the courses, videos, workbooks
    and seminars. They are as much tools to train yourself as they are
    methods to open and stimulate women!

    Therefore, as you grow in the use of the materials, you will begin to
    find you adapt bits and pieces of the patterns in different order and in
    different ways to fit the individual situation and unique women you are
    encountering! In fact, you may well begin to create your own! That is a
    sign you are really at a level of great mastery!

    (continued below)
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    Understanding #2: Getting "Caught" Is Bullschit!

    One of the more common challenges new students bring up is the fear of
    "getting caught". Some students believe that using patterns is somehow
    like committing some kind of minor crime, like picking a girl's pocket or
    stealing her purse.

    Remember, you can only fear "getting caught" if you view what you are
    doing as something wrongful or damaging.

    What you need to understand is this: using patterns is not taking
    something away from her. You aren't stealing her wrist watch; you are
    giving her something wonderful. A chance to experience feelings and
    emotions and states of mind/body that very, VERY few people can ever give.

    You need to believe that what you are offering to give has value, even
    if at first you aren't the smoothest in the delivery of it.

    Look at it like this; if she had polio and YOU had the vaccine, would
    you feel nervous, guilty or shameful about telling her, "Hey come here, you
    really need what I have?".

    Well, so many women, no matter how beautiful, are suffering from a
    disease far worse than polio. It's the disease of the expected the
    hum-drum the "used to that already". And you, my friend with the patterns
    and the understanding of women they give, are the cure for that and
    perhaps the only cure she will ever find.

    Understanding #3: Gifts, NOT Apologies!

    Another incorrect way to view patterns that you are now correcting is
    that somehow, they are apologies. Ways to make up for something that you
    are lacking. Ways of saying, "I'm sorry I don't have the looks or the body
    or the youth or the money that you want, but won't you please accept these
    pretty words, oh lovely Princess who I don't deserve to be with?"

    Well, with THAT kind of attitude, which not only doesn't work but is
    also inaccurate, NO fancy words will work for you.

    Listen hear get this understanding: the patterns are NOT ways of making
    up for what you lack. They are ways of offering women what it is THEY
    truly long for; the deep, powerful, emotional and imaginative experiences
    that every woman, deep in the core of her being, really looks and longs

    It is not that you are making up for lack of looks, youth, money,
    status, etc. It is that these things may be what women are used to
    wanting, but are NOT what would really deeply fulfill them. The kinds of
    communications the patterns offer ARE. What other guys offer is
    counterfeit; "funny money" that women are used to accepting, because it's
    mostly the only thing in circulation. Speed Seduction® gives you the
    genuine article; the pure gold "coin of the realm" instantly recognizable
    in women's souls and hearts as what they've always truly been looking for.

    (continued below)
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    Understanding #4: Feelings Before Words!

    So many students have told me: "Ross, the patterns seem so foreign to
    me. They just don't seem like they are me."

    What's usually going on for these beginners is that the patterns are
    descriptions of experiences they themselves have never imagined or had.
    So naturally, they just seem like they are reciting empty words with NO
    meaning. These poor guys are so focused on memorizing the words, they
    haven't put any focus into getting some of the feelings.

    You see, if you have never had a "peak experience" and haven't even
    imagined having one, it is pretty hard to sound convincing or to be
    captivating talking about it. It's just empty words with nothing to back
    it up. Sort of like the Japanese singing duo from the 70's, "Pink Lady".
    These two lovely Japanese girls understood not ONE word of English. But
    they were a big hit on the talk show circuit, singing English songs which
    they memorized purely by sound, the joke being how they obviously did not
    understand one single syllable of what they were singing!

    The solution here, if this is your problem, is to focus, in the
    beginning, NOT on memorization, but on imagining for yourself the
    experiences the patterns describe. Imagine for yourself what it would be
    like to feel an incredible connection, a peak experience, the excitement
    and body sensations of "parts" of the Blow Job pattern, etc. etc.

    As you read through and listen to patterns, imagine having the
    experience for yourself, and get at least some of the feelings you want to
    convey to the women you wish to seduce. Notice I said "some" of the
    feeling; if you get all of the feelings as intensely as you wish her to
    feel them, no one will have their hands on the wheel! Just get a bit of
    the feeling; enough to let that feeling guide the expression of your

    In this way, the patterns serve to expand who you are. To give you
    experiences and to cause you to take notice of experiences that before
    might have gone completely by. As you expand who you are and how you
    experience your world, the bonus is you not only become better at
    patterns, but a more rounded and balanced human being who will naturally
    be more appealing to women by virtue of who you are and what you
    experience as well as by the words you know to say! Your success with the
    material will grow as you grow as a man.

    Remember this very important principle: In life, you will not get what
    you want. You will not get what you "deserve". You will only get what the
    energies you can create can connect with.

    Therefore, learn to create new and different energies for yourself by
    the experiences the patterns can give to you.

    Understanding #5: The Importance Of Themes

    If you want to learn to naturally flow from one pattern to the next it
    is important to understand and use themes.

    Themes are simply overall ideas that tie patterns together.

    Consider the metaphor of a strand of pearls. The theme is the string
    that holds together the pearls, which are the patterns.

    There are many, many themes which are likely to lead to a successful
    seduction. Among my favorites are:

    *Different places in the mind

    *What we are used to wanting; what we THINK we want versus what would truly
    deeply fulfill us.

    *Permission to explore

    *Connections(with each other, with those deeper places in the mind, with our
    dreams, hopes, goals, wishes)


    As you go through the patterns in the course, notice how you can tie them
    together under one or more of these themes.

    One way to look for a theme is to examine a group of ideas or things and
    see what they overall have in common. For example, in the following list:

    … Disneyland
    … Magic Mountain
    … Sea World
    … Six Flags

    Š.what are they all examples of? What do they all have in common? Yes,
    they are all places for fun, rides, attractions, crowds. Those are all
    elements they share. But overall, they all belong to the category of
    things called amusement parks.

    So when you want to link one pattern with any other, find some overall
    experience or thing of which they are all examples.
    Understanding #6: The Two Ways In Which Patterns Work

    20% of the time when you use patterns, a woman will silently sit there,
    follow along quietly, go exactly into the states and experiences you
    describe and "poof"; you get banged!

    80% of the time, however, the patterns work in a more interesting way.

    Consider the metaphor of a pearl, once again. How are pearls made? Are
    they inserted directly into the oyster?

    No; what happens is that a grain of sand gets into the oyster and acts as
    an irritant. The oyster forms the pearl around the grain of sand as a
    result of the stimulation caused by the little bit of foreign matter.

    In the same way, with brighter, more intelligent and ultimately more
    suggestible and fun women, the patterns act to stimulate and awaken the
    deeper structures in her mind that have been laying dormant, asleep and
    hibernating, or that have been repressed for personal or social reasons.
    Thus the patterns stir her slumbering structures for fantasy, desire,
    indulgence, surrender, wild abandon, etc.

    What happens when a woman suddenly feels these things awakening? Why,
    my good man, she does what women so often love to do. She TALKS!

    Now, her talking is a good thing. For she is not only giving you solid
    information; accurate descriptions of her own internal models and maps for
    what the ideal fantasies, dreams, indulgences and surrendering should be
    like, but by talking she revivifies and re-awakens all these slumbering

    So when she talks, LISTEN. Anchor her deeper responses with a touch or
    a glance or a sound or preferably all three at the same time and FEED back
    her own "personal trance words" into the standard patterns you have
    memorized! When you use HER own words, remember she not only doesn't
    resist, but these words act as signals to further awaken these deeper
    structures in her mind. You can then link these structures to you and
    amplify these things and show her how to experience them more vividly,
    profoundly and enjoyably then ever she has before! That is the key to
    seduction genius and power!

    Understanding #7: How To Practice Pattern Flow

    Ideally, you want to be able to flow from any one pattern to any other
    pattern. Just as in a boxing match, you want to be able to throw
    combinations instead of one punch every round, so too once you have a
    woman going with Speed Seduction® you do NOT want to stop until you get
    your outcumŠerŠahŠOUTCOME.

    Therefore, practicing pattern flow is vital!

    One good way is to take the last sentence of any one pattern. Then
    come up with a linking or transitional phrase like, "It's just like" or
    "Another thing about that is this" and then the first sentence of the next
    pattern you want to use. Write these out in long hand and then, most
    vitally important practice saying these in sequence, out loud, so you know
    you can transition when you need to.

    Do bear in mind that OUT LOUD practice, in the right state, with the
    right tonality and tempo is VITAL! The patterns are meant to be spoken,
    not written, so merely writing them is NOT sufficient practice!

    Understanding #8: Do NOT Lust For Results!

    Speed Seduction is not just about how you speak; it is a different way
    of perceiving the world. As such, it takes time to approach mastery. That
    means the key is to immerse yourself in these learnings. Practice all the
    time, every day, on as many people as you can. If you reserve your
    practice ONLY for beautiful women, you make beautiful women the cause of
    your skill, and THAT is a fatal error!

    No, I'm not suggestion you get some disgusting ugly monster hot and
    horny. I am suggesting that using your skills to make virtually everyone
    you come in contact with feel much better than before they met you IS a
    good thing to aim at!

    Above all, be patient with yourself. Learning takes place on many
    levels, and it can take some time, some stumbling and some plain ****ing
    it up to get good.

    But so what? You learned to walk and learned to read and write and that
    took plenty of trial and error. We are talking about a lifetime of results
    and enjoyment here!

    Now, every once in a while, a student will tell me he has memorized
    every single pattern but hasn't tried a single one as much as once in the
    real world! And I must inform you if you are potentially such a person
    that you don't really understand Speed Seduction® until you've gone out
    and done it!

    If you aren't willing to stumble a little bitŠ..to undergo SOME
    discomfort, however slight, to get what you want in life, then how will
    ANY woman with ANY judgement at all find you attractive no matter WHAT
    words you say? If you care so little for your own life and happiness that
    you won't take a SINGLE step to improve your lot, then nothing I can teach
    you to SAY will help you one bit. NO woman would find such a man

    So get up off your lazy, self-pitying, sorry ass, IF this describes
    you, and make a vow to work at making the material work. If you want
    everything handed to you on a platter, you are going to wait forever and
    get nowhere! USE THE ENCLOSED MATERIALS, GROW UP, and be willing to be an
    adult who will fight for what he wants instead of a spoiled child who
    waits for Mommy or Daddy to give it to him without cost! We've blazed a
    trail and smoothed the path and lit it up and marked it clearly; if there
    is an occasional pebble you have to step on, so fukking what! Get your ass moving!


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