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Old 12-24-2004, 01:51 PM   #1
Master Don Juan
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sux2bu is on a distinguished road
Girls that look at you out of the corners of their eyes..

Okay, so I'm at my local Wal-Mart the other day thumbing through the magazines and this girl is checking out the greeting cards a ways down the aisle. Well, I finished with the magazines and started to walk in her direction down the aisle (I was not going to attempt a number close or anything. I already have a girlfriend) and I noticed that she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye all while trying to be smooth (playing it off) while looking at the card she was holding. You know the look, fellas! Where, the fix their gaze at 45 and hold it until you pass behind their back??

This has also happened on more than one occasion... So, does this mean she was checking me out, or did she think I was a potential stalker?? (I only glanced at her once prior to walking behind her once I finished my magazine after about 30 seconds).

Any help would be appreciated!
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Old 12-24-2004, 02:03 PM   #2
Master Don Juan
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Fenderules has a little shameless behaviour in the past

that kinda sounds retarded dont you thing. Gee i wonder wut it means........
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Old 12-24-2004, 02:04 PM   #3
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Scought is an unknown quantity at this point
Red face

Why do these posts exist?

How would we know if she thought of you as a stalker from that little info. We dont know anything about you.

You also said you had a GF, so what does it really matter how she was looking at you. Why do you care?

I know, you probably would appreciate the ego boost.

But, honestly why did you write this?

She looked at you. OK. Great. Probably means she was seeing what you were doing, or was figuring out if she thought you were good looking, but because you didnt talk to her you have no way of knowing.

I just dont understand, what difference this post makes? Honestly, if its' that look' then you have your answer. Sounds like you just want someone to pump up your ego and say, hey dude, she totally wanted you.

Otherwise, it really makes no difference.
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Old 12-24-2004, 02:29 PM   #4
Master Don Juan
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Wiesman44 will become famous soon enoughWiesman44 will become famous soon enough
No no, I'm kinda interested as well. About 4 years back when I was in high school, this girl always looked at me walking down the hall from the corner of her eyes. Maybe she wasnt looking at me, but it always seemed like she was. Long story short, I asked her out, got her #, and she still ended up rejected me. Boo hoo.

I'd also like to know if there's any significance to this corner of your eyes shyt.
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Old 12-24-2004, 08:29 PM   #5
Master Don Juan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Posts: 757
sux2bu is on a distinguished road
No No NO... I'm not out seeking an "ego boost" as one poster put it. I simply would like to know WHY girls do this.

Are they too nervous to look me in the eye?

Are they just trying to get a little "looksy" without becoming too obvious?

Are they sensing that i'm about to approach for a number close? i.e. - (reading my body language?)

Or are they just being overtly paranoid of their personal space?

There is definitely something going on here. This has happened to me several times and I find this behavior very bizarre to say the least.
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Old 12-24-2004, 08:51 PM   #6
Senior Don Juan
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BLUEox117 is off the scale
ya this girl keep lookin at me from the corner of her eye, and she wants me, but we can still talk face to face, thats how i know she wants me, what u gotta do is talk, aint no psychics here to help you.
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Old 12-24-2004, 08:51 PM   #7
Master Don Juan
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DeathDealer can only hope to improve
Those kinda girls are mental in the head. I have this coworker that does that all the time with me when I walk over in the direction she works. It's creepy cause everytime I do an innocent glance, her eyes are staring at me from the corner.

From my example, girls are PSYCHOS if they do that.
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Old 12-24-2004, 08:52 PM   #8
Master Don Juan
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Vincent is on a distinguished road
Originally posted by Scought
Why do these posts exist?
Because I just logged on.

If you think a girl has interest go in for the CA. We don't wanna hear that you were reading the signs. I would much rather hear a report from you saying that you learned something through experimentation.

Thread closed.
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Closed Thread

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