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Don Juan
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ImTheDoubleGreatest! will become famous soon enoughImTheDoubleGreatest! will become famous soon enough
I would say for me it was when I just woke up in the morning and pretty much said "wtf is wrong with me. All the dudes who are cocky jerks get all the girls. Screw being nice, I'm only gonna respect them if they respect me those motherfvckers......." And then I just did what I wanted, got happier, never put a woman in front of me, then I became more confident (like sky-fvcking high confidence that hasn't been diminished since; I'm still amazed at how strong I am now). Then I wanted to know more about women and how they work since I am really good at predicting and judging a person by their behavior (like if they are lying vs being honest, what they are gonna say and when, how they feel, what they are thinking, etc.). Women are so irrational and much more emotional. I know how they work much better than before. I mean my goodness, I was omega afc phaggot. Now I'm the king of my world. Whether a girl likes me or doesn't I'm still always happy with myself and do what I want.
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Don Juan
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yungballa will become famous soon enoughyungballa will become famous soon enough
Everyone around me looked so happy with their lives, getting girls, successful in life and all that sh!t, but I felt so left out. I was frustrated because I had never had a girl friend before. I was fed up with my life. There was this girl I had oneitis for. I wanted a change and ended up here. After coming on these forums my life has changed drastically. I'm more confident, my lifestyle and mindset have improved, and life is just more enjoyable. Before I would be that nervous, insecure AFC wreck who was depressed and desperate to get the girl, and I would dwell on failure after failure after failure. Now I could give a hot damn about whether I get the girl or not. I just want to become experienced. I never got the girl who I had oneitis for, but now I know WHY I didn't. I was too busy putting her on a pedestal and was too afraid to act because I thought about the outcome too much. Today, I don't really care that I didn't get her. I'm actually grateful for the experience. In fact, I had a crush on her for about 6-8 months and I only had a few conversations with her. Our relationship didn't really go anywhere. It turned out that it took my best friend about a week to have a sort of relationship with her (they became friends w/ benefits), yet it took me months to even try to talk to her. I was very jealous and, of course, emotionally hurt. VERY . I still haven't had any type of relationship yet, but now I know it's not about getting the girl. It's about being happy with life in general. Ever since I've came here, my life has changed. I've gotten way better with girls then I was before and have gotten happier in my life, but I still have a lot of things to learn down the road.
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No.Danny is a name known to allNo.Danny is a name known to allNo.Danny is a name known to allNo.Danny is a name known to allNo.Danny is a name known to allNo.Danny is a name known to all
About 3 months ago. I mean I was barely AFC mostly a jerk but I had trouble escalating things. Just the basics which was okay but not good. Started doing research. Found this. Lurking for a few months and made an account recently.
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logicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant futurelogicallefty has a brilliant future
For me it was in late 2006 after I had been reading this site pretty heavily for a while, apparently not enough. I had this LTR b!tch move in with me.

The very day she moved in with me she completely changed, I mean split personality hard core. She became a total b!tch, would not have sex, started riding my a$$ for drinking too much DIET SODA, and tore into me about how bad of parents me and my ex wife are and how out of control our daughter was. To me that was a punch x 3.

The good news is I booted this b!tch's a$$ out after just one week. She had just moved all her crap in, and she had to move it out. She hated smoking which I didn't smoke, but my sister did. So right before she moved out my sister came over and blew smoke all over her crap. Stunk it up really bad.

After that, I realized that I had been too darn nice to her and all other women in the past, and I made a PROMISE to myself that I was NEVER going to behave the same with any woman ever again.
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