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  1. deesade
    "Thus, happiness the two sexes cannot find with the other they will find, one in blind obedience, the other in expression of domination"
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  2. sosousage
    had great tinder talk with chick. I woke up in night to see her boyfriend(probably) messaing me "i have bf you faggot" from her acc.
  3. Toni
    I give up for now.
  4. Toni
    I don't even know anymore..
  5. beforeimgone
    1. sosousage
      huh i guess u need to find a new job
      Oct 13, 2017
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  6. sosousage
    my two local hairdressers are bad absolutely. i look like a turd. what I do?
  7. Thechamp
    Thechamp Trainwreck
    Man you are so right money and location and race are everything put it this way, if you have big bucks you could have massive party’s hire models to come drive a Lamborghini put it all on social media and watch all the hoes flock to get **** , looks money status i put money number one if you know how to use it
  8. guru1000
    Once you guys realize that all women are not that special, then you will lose the unconscious pedestal
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    2. resilient
      Nice! It took my last main plate drop in the spring of this year to finally realize that. They all come packaged with unique (and any common) issues that the DJ has to decide to put up with and whether or not to keep as a plate.
      Oct 10, 2017
  9. Joji
    The old Pook Falls, a Young Pook appears to take his place! It's JOJI!
  10. Joji
    Joji bradd80
    Free my brother Brad80
  11. deesade
    I take back my sh*t talk about no-fap. Been sticking to it, and I feel like I'm on cocaine or something. It's great.
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    2. guru1000
      Fap at least three times a day. Anything less are rookie numbers
      Oct 8, 2017
    3. resilient
      @ImTheDoubleGreatest! The “trick” I’ve found is being productive with multiple goals during no-fap for the added confidence boost. Keep the mind, body, and socializing activity strong.
      Oct 8, 2017
    4. sosousage
      Good job :-)
      Oct 9, 2017
  12. Toni
    Was able to flirt and smooch with a girl for a split second, then her boyfriend came along. My game wasn't good but it flowed naturally
  13. Toni
    I didn't close but for the first time in a long time I was able to let loose and enjoy myself at the club. It was amazing
  14. sosousage
    i think i will have one plate (that will think im her bf) soon
  15. Von
    After 3 weeks of side track and amazing news... time to get back in the routine of self-growth and business production
  16. Thechamp
    Thechamp Capo
    Have you ever thought there all full of **** and that’s why they post on a forum I mean they could be making things up, at the end of the day easiest way to pick up is to travel to other countries , and every guy on this forum wants a wife or girlfriend and are scared to admit it but unfortunately in the western world it’s too hard to find !!
  17. Infern0
    Infern0 narcissist
    Hey i read your thread about daily meditation etc. Im in a rebuilding process and am doing gym, meditation and starting nofap and i also want to go back to study next year. Do you want an accountability partner? As we seem to have similar goals
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    2. narcissist
      Absolutely. Our goals are aligned which is always the best quality to have when being accountability partners.

      How would you like to go about doing this?
      Oct 3, 2017
    3. Infern0
      We could set up a private conversation on here and then check in daily making sure we did what we need to and give each other a kick up the rear end if we need it
      Oct 3, 2017
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    4. narcissist
      fvck yeah brother. I am down. Send me a private message.
      Oct 3, 2017
  18. Daystagethe56
    a curtain call, that no one wants to happen, that no one gonna clap for at all... but it still has to be!
  19. Thechamp
    Thechamp beforeimgone
    Hey man Cana you elebarate a bit more on the only two things you need for women like how do you get them out in the first place with your method ?
    1. beforeimgone
      First and foremost you'll need congruence in your personality. If you try to be dominant and have let her walk over you before then you may catch a charge. If your personality is congruent then simple tell her to do something ie "come here" "grab me a water"

      The trick is to say the command deadpan and non aggressive. Gives her the opportunity to make the decision
      Oct 1, 2017
  20. XFORCE
    You think this letter on my head stands for France?