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  1. keyser23
    i'm feeling good
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  2. wifehunter
    Exploring more options
  3. deesade
    "Everything in life is about sex. But sex is about power" Oscar Wilde.
    1. resilient
      Welcome back, mate!
      Feb 16, 2017
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  4. blind_one
    blind_one Poon King
    Awaiting your return
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  5. resilient
    The best path is forward.
  6. Rainman4707
    The wealthiest people in the world are the most fu*king miserable. Why? They are'nt doing what they're supposed to be doing - Warrior
  7. Almostlost01
    Almostlost01 Espi
    Sup man, what part of the bay you from?
  8. Trump
    Trump Poon King
    Dude where are you? Come back, even under a different name.
  9. james_111
    can someone please tell me how long it will take my ex who has bpd to ask me to take her back? (she cheated) i just wanna know for knowing
    1. Chev.Chelios
      Never, your ex is a cvnt.. burn her house down.
      Feb 6, 2017
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    2. MrAddiction
      The real question is, and I mean this serious, how long will it take you for not willing to take her back, even if she would like to come back.
      Feb 7, 2017
    3. Milano
      You dont get to take her back, she is a hore.
      Feb 9, 2017
  10. ImTheDoubleGreatest!
    I'm too young to be this old :/
  11. DeltsBrah
    DeltsBrah Pandora
    Ignorant post on your part if women didn't wanna be middle class they'd all be single mostly. This is 2017 not 1950 plenty of women earn more money than their man while he stays at home with the kids.
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    2. Pandora
      Women want to live above their means more than men. Most women will not be ok living in a 3 bedroom apt. Most men would be ok with that. Most women want at least a 4 bedroom house. Anything else is unacceptable for most.
      Feb 2, 2017
    3. DeltsBrah
      Well considering the average household income in United States is only 51k you are off on that.
      Feb 2, 2017
    4. Pandora
      ok man you win
      Feb 2, 2017
  12. broken mirror
    broken mirror
    going crazy, wanna come along?
  13. WitnessGR
    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes
  14. l_e_g_e_n_d
    Men who point outward are not the best. Be the best. Strive for superlative excellence in every facet of your life.
  15. narz
    M all blanked
  16. narz
    Curently studying.. n i want a perfect mate for life.
  17. Urbanyst
    Don’t put off for tomorrow what you could be screwing today
  18. Solands23
    I Live Freely and Responsibly!
  19. Chev.Chelios
    Chev.Chelios Poon King
    Miss u :(
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    2. KingBeef
      He'll be back soon.....In the meantime just read all of his archives.
      Jan 30, 2017
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  20. WanderingMan
    Personal responsibility can be a ***** sometimes, huh? Growth isn't always about sunshine and rainbows. As it's been said: No pain,no gain.